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The Crew
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Lewshak (Luey)- Wookie Counter-Security Engineer

Zulix Missor - Verpine Tech

Cyn Neofelis - Farghul Saber Rake

Kabakh - Modified SE4 Servant Droid

Qassar Kimotot - Tarro. Captain of the Du Cass' Dream.

Toba Fen - Utai Mechanic Depressive

Viz Qua - Mashi Horansi SpecForce Infiltrator

Dev Llalik - Human Doctor in Training

Cal Jeth - Human Jedi Padawan (Battle Master Type)

Vurgoss a.k.a. "Gossie" - Togorian Soldier

Bandon Terrick - Besalisk Padawan

Antin 'Shade' Delom - Holonet Tabloid Columnist

Breven Dren - Human Jaded Ex-Imperial

This section is still currently under construction. In time, full character sheets will be provided for each member of the crew.

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