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A new year has started and I finally have everything I need set up again to continue work on the site. Already have two new pages and two new character sheets up for you all (at least the two that actually read this) with more on the way in the days to come.

Several more updates to the story. Also two more character sheets. Working on many more chapters and sheets now.

For all those who have been following the novelization, I have changed the format and increased the size of each one. Sorry for the inconvenience if you have to find your place in all of it. I've also added a lot of new stuff to read to make up for it. Also more crew sheets are on their way soon.


Finally got around to working on the "Crew" page. Bandon and Cyn's sheets are up with their complete stats as well full body pictures (Just click on the picture on the sheet)


More updates. Added links for 'Previous', 'next', and 'index' to all of the pages for easier navigation. Still looking to make a larger 'links' page so send in your links. Also standing by for the completion of the banner and the 'crews' page.


A few more updates. I have a lot of people doing some things for me to improve the site. Mainly the banner and the 'Crews' page. I'm also currently looking to make a 'Links' page. If you would like to submit your site to be posted, send me a request.


The site is finally up. Many things right now are a little temporary but I wanted to get started. Today marks the beginnings of the documented adventures of the crew of the Du Cass' Dream.
As these are the beginnings of this site, all suggestions are welcome. Just contact me and I'll do my best.

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