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Rebel Uprisings
The Crew
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"The hull and ray shielding will hold the radiation outside for a short amount of time. We're safe for now. But we're still doomed." Toba seems to smile grimly.

"Guys we have a decision to make. Do we high tail it, or go down for decontamination?" Qassar asks the crew.

Cyn looks at Qassar, "Captain if I may. With only three hours until the hull degradation is a real problem, I think our only option is to land. But if we can find replacements in the derelict field and repair the primary hyperdrive in less than two hours, we could make it back to the Peregrine to exact repairs in time."

“Master, the health of this crew is my prime concern,” Kabakh puts in, “If we leave this field now there is a chance the radiation may bleed off. However, if we go to the planet, then we should be able to go through a decontamination. Yet we would then have to go back through this radiation field. And I do not remember such fields being said to be created by derelict starships of any kind. It could be a trap. Though we may have little choice.”

"With the luck we have, I think it's downright impossible that we'll find the working parts we need in this floating junkyard. Do we even have space suits?" Toba asks.

"Be wary, there may be squibs about!" Cyn says, “My vote is to land, though I personally do not like that option."

"It's an idea. Any other suggestions?" Qassar continues to scan, but looking for hyperdrives or parts to repair the current one, "Cyn see if something might be giving us a false reading on the radiation."

"Ah, what's the point?” Toba sighs, “We're doomed, I say. Doomed."

"Aye Aye Captain," Cyn starts to do a focused scan with Du Cass' Dream being the center point.

“Master, are you sure Toba is not a droid? I've only heard protocol units act like he is now.” Kabakh asks.

Qassar sees nothing of value or worth risking his crew drifting amongst the debris. The comm crackles back again, "..ou guys comin'? We haven't got We were on our w..y on a salvage run to the plan...until we got your signa....Now we have to retur...or decontamination too."

Qassar gives Kabakh a clip over the head, "Toba if we were to leave the area now, will the 'radiation' bleed off? Or at least stop seeping in?"

Toba shakes his head, "No."

"Sithspit, the hull degradation is worse than initially reported. We've got less than an hour an a half before the darn radiation bleeds through,” Cyn says as he turns to Qassar, “Captain we need to land and soon. If this is a trap and we are placed in danger, I will take responsibility for my suggestion and disembark first."

"Send the droid," Toba sounds really depressed.

Kabakh looks at various readings, saying, “Master, Toba may already be in danger! If the radiation is coming through the hull, the damage to the hyperdrive may have put that compartment in serious jeopardy.”

Qassar looks back, "No need Cyn. We don't have a choice." He then turns on the comms, "Captain we are coming. Just had to jury rig something. Send us the coordinates." Qassar pushes the Dream forward to follow the Memory.

"...fraid coordinates won't help. Jus...ollow us in." The comm crackles. The Dream follows the battered freighter towards the small moon. As they approach, Qassar can see several domed structures jutting up on the surface. The Atraken Memory limps towards one of the larger ones and a starport comes into view. The old ship sputters to a landing inside a shielded bay leaving just enough room for the Dream to land. Inside the bay, another light freighter identical to the Memory sits across from her. She looks gutted and unusable.

Toba rolls his eye stalks, sarcastically murmuring, "Well, here's a place to cheer up a lad...."

Kabakh looks worried, “Oh dear, that freighter over there is not very reassuring, Master. Perhaps this Captain Alvus has lured us in so as to use the Dream for spare parts. I say if he tries you let Toba gut his ship as best he can.”

Toba chuckles quietly, "With any luck they are only after some droid spare parts..."

"It is always better to be safe than sorry,” Cyn says to the group, “Keep your eyes and photoreceptors peeled and watch each others backs. especially you two Toba and Kabakh. Make sure we all stay in communication, I have procured encrypted military comlinks from the supply store at the Peregrine, if you do not already have an encrypted comlink you should take one."

“Master Cyn, how many encrypted comlinks have you procured?” Kabakh asks.

Cyn nods emphatically, "I procured six of them Kabakh. I felt that we would need one for each of the members we had on the team. thought we seem to be down one currently."

"Cyn, hand out the comm links and weapons to those that need them. It is highly probable that this is still a trap." Qassar heads into his cabin and comes out putting his blast vest on under his flight suit. He takes a comm link and clips it to his collar.

“Master, as you are aware, my programming prevents me from harming a living being,” Kabakh says, “However, I may need to have that programming checked after what happened between myself and Toba. I honestly do not understand what happened to me, why it was that I was willing to see bodily harm done to Toba.”

Kabakh checks the contents of each medpack, memorizing what is inside each and the exact position of each item so that he won't waste time looking for a particular item if he must administer first aid “Pity I was unable to procure any bacta before we left for this mission. These medpacks are good for most general first aid purposes, but anything more serious I would prefer to have bacta for.”

As the crew gets finished adjusting their gear, they hear a 'tink tink tink' on the boarding hatch. Hearing the sound on the hull, Kabakh shrieks, “The radiation is eating through the hull! We're doomed!”

"It's just the techs. Be on the look out everyone." Qassar opens the hatch .

Cyn checks his energy side arm to make sure it is set to stun. then stands behind and to the right of Qassar as he opens the door, keeping his eyes open and ready for action.

Qassar looks out of the hatch into the smiling face of a human. "Welcome to New Atraken city friends! I'm Genos Alvus, captain of the Atraken Memory." The captain casually sticks out his hand towards Qassar.

“Oh thank the maker, we're saved!” Kabakh says joyfully, “Well, Captain Alvus certainly seems friendly enough, Master.”

Cyn looks around to see if there are any other beings outside the Dream and takes a quick glance at Genos hands, searching for anything out of the ordinary and noticing nothing except perhaps the fact that the human doesn't even wear a sidearm.

"Captian Du Cass, and this is my crew." Qassar takes the offered hand, "Nice little set up here. Why the Moon?"

"Umm, ya mean you didn't see that big ball of disaster we're orbiting?" Alvus smirks, "The war totally devastated our planet. Only a handful of us escaped here. The planet's full of noxious and corrosive gasses and unexploded ordinance."

Cyn frowns, "That's a shame Captain. Looks like that war was more costly than any of the politicians and bureaucrats ever dared to consider."

"Sorry didn't notice. We were having problems of our own. By the way, I think you need to put a message buoy out beyond the radiation, to stop beings from coming in that way." Qassar looks around, "Is there a way past the radiation?" As the last crew member comes out he locks the Dream.

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