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Rebel Uprisings
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With a flurry of motion Qassar does a full sensor sweep, looking out for pirates or possible places for sensor masking, "I have a real bad feeling about this."

"....that's what I said an hour ago. But did anybody listen to me? Nooo." Toba stands in the corridor between the hyperdrive and the escape pods, next to the two corridors leading to the aft airlocks, near the systems command console. He has his blaster at the ready, and the fusion cutter in his other hand.

"Hold on!" Qassar yells as he jinks the ship left as to flee.

“The communications array is functioning perfectly,” Kabakh says, “Something else must be causing the disruption. The sensor sweep shows only the light freighter and that we're approaching a small moon.”

The Dream slams hard to the left as the comms cackle, " Atraken Me...ry.....oo"

Fed up with the situation, Cyn says out loud, almost yelling, "I don't buy it! The darn thing registered as a light freighter! Where the hell is there a space station?! And what the heck would it be doing out in open space?! Anyone have explosives?"

"These guys are really starting to get on my nerves!" Toba rolls his eye stalks, "And a word of advice, explosives and light freighters don't mix too well."

Qassar swings the Dream around to face the coordinates that the freighter is suppose to be. Keeping an erratic flying pattern, to make it look like there is something wrong with the maneuvering thrusters.

“The communications are not being jammed by any electronic means,” Kabakh reports.

"Ok, I've had enough,” Toba mutters angrily, “Either go to this ship so we can see what the blazes is going on, or turn around and head back to the fleet. This nancing around in space is fooling no one."
Kabakh turns around, “Master, this does not make any sense. The comm is working perfectly well and I am not detecting any trace of communications jamming. Perhaps the Atraken Memory was not too far away for communications, perhaps she was destroyed.”
"I'm trying to get a visual. They said something about Too late and coming in," Qassar pushes the throttle forward and smoothes the flight a little.

“As you say, Master,” Kabakh sighs, “But I must wonder if this is really all that wise.”

Cyn quickly turns toward Toba, sick of his complaining, "Toba be quiet! your attitude and demeanor is not helping here! Can you or can you not fix the hyperdrive or back up with what we have here on the ship? If you can then I suggest you do if you cannot then see if you can either jury rig a repair or let us know there is no hope of fixing it and divert all remaining power to shields, weapons, and sublights." Shaking his head, he turns back to Qassar, "Captain, I am on my way back to the bridge to assist. Is there anything I need to bring for you or your droid prior to my arrival?"

Powering up the Ion cannon, Qassar orders, "Org power up that turret. Cyn get back up here and run the shields and other systems." He then pushes the ship fast, and comes around the moon from the southern pole

“Toba, perhaps you would be more knowledgeable than I on this,” Kabakh asks, turning to the Utai, “Do you know of a none mechanical means of comm jamming?”

Toba goes back into the hyperdrive bay. He analyzes the situation to see if he has the parts to fix either hyperdrive and how long it would take, his pistol right by his side, "Non-mechanical comm jamming? Don't know, don't know...."

Cyn suddenly turns back in surprise, "MOON!!!!!! What moon! According to the nav computer we were out in open space!"

Qassar suddenly shouts, "Toba forget the hyperdrive, just get ready for battle. Cyn just get your furry arse up here."

"As you wish," Cyn says from right behind Qassar.

Kabakh turns around, his vocabulator shrieking, “Battle! Master, you can't possibly be serious!”

The Dream rockets smoothly towards the freighter. As she approaches, the crew can see that something bad must have went down in this system. Derelict hulks of various sized ships drift here and there.

The further in they go, the worse it looks. Finally they see a planet looming ahead of them. It looks like almost any other habitable planet, except for the massive amounts of hazy looking clouds. A freighter moves towards the Dream and the comm crackles to life.

"Dream..elcome to Atraken. This is captain Alvus of the Atraken Memory. Sorry ..e couldn't get through to you, the radiation clouds in the syst..m from the wrecked ships bloc...our transitions."

Kabakh looks surprised at the comms but replies, “Understood Atraken Memory.”

"Look at all those derelict ships,” Cyn says, pointing out the viewport, “We might find the parts we need and some spares here"

"Not a problem Captain,” Qassar says into the comms, “What happened here, and what were you saying before?" He then turns to his crew," Guys keep a look out for hidden ships."

“Master, I don't like this,” Kabakh says, “Where is that space station? And if they were telling us to stay away before, why does it seem they suddenly do not have a problem with our being here?”

Cyn attempts to use the scan option from the sensor suite, "I'm on the sensors Qassar, keeping my eyes peeled."

The comms crackle to life once more, "Sorry folks...ust have to follow us. You're the remnants of that dam...clone war. Your ship is prob....contaminated with the radiation. We can decon....for you at New Atraken Cit...."

"I know Kabakh. That's why I'm being careful," Slowing the Dream, Qassar keeps it near the edge of the derelicts. "Kabakh, can you get my macrobinoculars from my cabin please? Cyn do a scan for radiation."

"Radiation my snout," Toba runs to the diagnosis screen and does a full check to see if there's any sign of contamination.

“Contaminated!” Kabakh shrieks. He then looks out the viewport and sees the freighter and beyond it a small moon orbiting the aforementioned planet. Other than all the damaged ships, nothing else is out of the ordinary.

Cyn turns to Qassar, "Captain I have an idea. In case we are to be boarded forcefully, we can load the boarding tubes with sharp tools, utensils, nails, broken glass etc. and keep it pressurized. When they open up their airlock it will blow them to shreds.”

Kabakh quickly goes to Qassars cabin and returns with his macrobinocs

“Diagnostics confirm a high level of radiation on the outer hull,” Toba yells, “The ship can only keep out the radiation for about another 3 hours. Shields won't help.”

“Master, before I went to get your macrobinoculars, I saw the Atraken Memory and the moon orbiting the planet. Sadly I saw nothing else.” Kabakh reports.

"Ok guys, this just keeps getting funnier by the minute,” Toba chuckles grimly, “The outer hull is indeed contaminated. If we don't go through a full decontamination routine in about 3 hours, we'll start glowing like a lightsaber."

"Thanks Kabakh," Taking the macros, Qassar starts to scan the area visually. "Anything on the radiation guys?" Qassar scans the surrounding area and sees only starship debris and the limping freighter heading towards the moon.

"Toba are the shields protecting us living beings from the radiation?” Cyn asks, “I don't know about you, but I will definitely look funny without my fur!"

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