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Rebel Uprisings
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"Isn't it funny?..." Toba mutters darkly.

Qassar finally looses it. He falls short of grabbing Toba, but the rage is extremely close to overflowing, "Funny! Funny! What the hell is funny about a Hyperdrive exploding in mid flight?! This is no laughing matter."

"...funny how just when you think life can't possibly get any worse it suddenly does.” Toba shakes his head, “Hyperdrive's gone. Backup? Gone as well. It seems the main power coupling linking the two drives overloaded, setting the whole thing ablaze... The hyperdrive's power fluctuated and the shunt was supposed to off-load the excess. Guess what.... it didn't. And that, for me, is just obscenely hilarious." Toba sighs, not finding it funny at all. He's as dispirited as he's ever been.

Still ranting, Qassar slowly starts to get his control back, "This ship is my home. It's the closest thing I have to one anyway. I allow beings I felt were in the same situation live here with me, against my better nature and against the way I was raised. I have no home or family besides what is here in this ship. It's not funny, Toba. Not funny at all."

Gloomy as all hell, Toba drops his tools and sits on the warm floor, "...indeed..."

Kabakh sits down at the communications station, “What could have possibly caused me to start a fight with Toba like that. I am progammed not to threaten any life like that. It is not something that my programming allows me to do.” He then checks the comm to see if there is any other ships in the area that may be of some help and is going to use his communications skill to do so

Cyn comms, "Qassar, what happened now that you have had a minute or two to inspect engineering?"

"We're all dead, that's what happened.” Toba sighs, “We have just not yet digested that information properly."

Going back to his inspection, Qassar sighs, "I'm sorry Toba. It's not your fault. This crate just means a lot to me." Over the Comm the strain in Qassar's voice is evident,
"Still inspecting"

An extremely staticy reply comes through the comm, "...unidentifi...this is the Atraken Mem...ry. Please st...te your intentions..."

Kabakh calls, “Master Qassar, I have managed to raise another ship called the Atraken Mem, something. I believe they mean memory. They are asking for our intentions. What shall I tell them?

Toba seems about to let out some provocative remark, but stops short of it and resumes analizing the equipment.

Qassar looks at Toba, "Route power away from the Hyperdrives if they aren't working. This other ship's appearance is to conveniant. Prepare for a fight." He then calls over the comm, "Cyn, get a sensor read on their ship. Kabakh, tell them we're having a slight malfunction with the nav computer and see if they are willing to stand by for assistance." Qassar starts heading for the cockpit.

"Yup, we are being hailed. I don't like it. just a minute ago our scopes were clear, now weare being hailed while being in the middle of nowhere."Cyn turns back to do a search scan on the sensors forward arc, then rotating the arc clockwise to check all 4 arcs.

Toba re-routes all power feeding the hyperdrives into the subspace engines and shields. Then he goes for his toolbox and grabs his blaster pistol, mumbling to himself, "I said I had a bad feeling about this........"

Kabakh bows, “As ordered master,” Turning back to the comm, he says, “Atraken Memory, this is the Dream. We are experincing a slight nav computer malfunction. Will you be able to stand by to offer assistance?

Qassar stops at an intercomm post, "Cyn get ready with the sheilds as well. I'm heading back up to the cockpit. Kabakh, what do you know of the Atraken?" He then continues on towards the cockpit.

“Only their name is two parts,” Kabakh replies, “Atraken and a second part I assume to be Memory. I believed it would be useful if I tried to contact a nearby ship that might be of some assistance. But the comm was full of static on the reply.”

Qassar climbs into the pilots seat and strapping himself in. "They may be at extreme range of the comms unit. Cyn have you found anything yet?" He switches the intercomm on so that Toba and Org can hear what's going on.

“Hopefully you are right, Master,” Kabakh says, “Otherwise, that explosion may have also damaged our communications array. I will just to boost the signal range.” A loud squawk rings through all of the headsets as Kabakh adjusts the comms, leaving several of the crew’s ears ringing.

Org snorts, halfway waking from his nap, "Ugh? Wha...what's going on down there?"

"Strap yourself to the gun turret!!" Toba yells at Org, muttering, "Humans...."

"Strap yourself into the turret. We may have a situation." Qassar looses himself in thought for a moment. "We need to find out whether they are friend or foe. Suggestions?" Once the feedback starts Qassar punches the volume control trying to turn it down.

“Sorry Master, my fault.” Kabakh says.

Org replies yelling, "WHAT? WHAT'D YOU SAY? I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"

Mimicking with his hands, Toba yells, "Strap. Yourself. Gun. Turret."

Again, the voice crackles through the comms, "Dream, this is the Atraken Memory...ted"

Cyn puts up the shields and angles them for full coverage, "That loud static may be jammers jamming any signals. I assume we are to be boarded. Not good! If you have the situation under control here I will get ready to repel boarders."

Toba mutters, "...sounded like explosives at one point..."

Hanging upside down from the gunwell, Org watches the hand signs with a quizzical look, then nods and smiles. He pulls himself back up and they all hear the straps clicking. "ALL SECURE HERE!"

Qassar replays the message, saying, "I think they said they're a space station and not to approach. I'm not sure what they mean by ‘osives’, but it might be something about explosives."

“Master, I'm loosing contact with them. I think there was something about a space station and approaching, but I am not sure what they said exactly,” Kabakh quickly keys back to the Memory, “Atraken Memory, could you please repeat your last communication?”

"Oh, just leave the blasted ship alone,” Toba mutters, “Set realspace course to the Resistance fleet and prepare for a very long and dull space trip..."

The crew looks in anticipation as the comms cackle, "....trak....ppr..sives.......ars...."

"Go get ready Cyn. Kabakh and I will handle it here," Qassar orders, "Kabakh, try modulating the receiver."

“Master, it's no good, things are even worse than before.” Kabakh whines as he listens to the new message.

Sitting back, Toba continues to mutter to himself, "...I hate static..." Meanwhile, Cyn starts to get armored and armed for possible boarding.

Kabakh urgently continues to send messages to the Memory, “Atraken Memory, this is the Dream, please come in.” The only reply is a constant stream of static.

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