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Rebel Uprisings
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Qassar looks at Cyn, "What I require from all of you is information on Coruscant. I know only what I've seen in holos."

"Coruscant?” Toba mutters, “Don't know, don't care."

Cyn sits back in the co-pilot seat and lites up a tabac stick. “Coruscant. Well give me a mintue to think of what I know.” He leans back and starts to think about Coruscant.

With calculations set, the Dream blasts off for Coruscant.

"Just hyperspace us there, and we'll learn as we go." Toba mumbles, "...I hate hyperspacing, makes my eyes hurt.... Wait a second there! Coruscant! Isn't that supposed to be the capital of the Galactic Empire?! Well, now I really have a bad feeling about this...."

Qassar says, "I don't mind winging the mission, but a little knowledge goes a long way. I also have to know that none of you are going to run off and attack the first Imp you see. I don't any of you would, but I'd like some fore warning."

"Don't worry about me,” Toba says, “I don't really feel like even lifting myself from this chair, much less attacking anyone. It's all so pointless..."

Cyn turns to Qassar, "You do not have to worry about me, i would much rather look as if we fit in and perform our tasks than to go in there guns blazing and fail our mission in under 30 seconds after we depart your vessel."

Kabakh mocks Toba, “You know, I once heard a Bothan senator say the fewer of your kind the better. But then he said the same for Wookiees, Twi'leks, and Ithorians as well. Is it not strange that you now say the same of humans?

Toba mutters, "Well, the less bothans, the merrier. That's for sure. Backstabbing little fur-ripplers...."

“Something you and I actually agree on Toba,” Kabakh says, “I have little doubt it was the same Bothan senator who had my former master, the late senator Greleriv, murdered.

“As for Coruscant. Formerly the capital of the Galactic Republic. Now it is called Imperial Center or Imperial City depending on who you ask since Palpatine declared himself Emperor. The entire planet is covered by an immense city. The highest mountains appear as mere foot hills thanks to the millenia of vertical construction. Very few have set foot on the planet's surface in the last thousand years. It was once the home to the Jedi Order and also the place from which many missions of the Clone Wars were launched. There will be thousands of Imperial soldiers on the planet. The last rumors I heard before my last master before yourself took me from the planet was that there were a few Jedi such as Master's Yoda and Kenobi hiding in some of the lower levels of the city, though Darth Vader is said to have killed most of those in the Jedi Temple.”

"Droid, please do not agree with me. It's highly unsettling." Toba mutters discontently.

“Do not call me droid, Toba. I am Kabakh. The Seperatists refered to their droids by that word rather than refering to them by each of their designations. You do not like it if someone calls you by your species, we droids do not like to simply be called droid.”

"Oh, that's rich. Now the home appliance is telling me what it likes to be called.... You're a talking toaster, and a very annoying one at that. Take it easy on your delusions of grandieur." Toba glares at Kabakh.

"Hey hey you two. Keep it down to a dull roar.” Qassar says, “You're right Cyn, it's a simple mission and shouldn't require guns blazing, but I want to be sure. Kabakh, do you where the Aldis sector is?"

A big grin appears on Cyn's face as he sees the interaction between Toba and Kabakh .

Kabakh glares at Toba as best as a droid can before he answers, “The Aldis sector? I am afraid not Master. Unless Palpatine changed the names of the sector's of the planet's since last I was there, that is not a name I would recgonize” He then turns back to Toba,
“A talking toaster! You should talk! Living beings such as yourself would be little more than talking toasters without any of the technology you rely so highly on. Many a living culture has a saying, "If you cut us, do we not bleed?" We droids have a similar saying, "if we are punctured, does hydraulic fluid not come out?"

Grinning malevolently and drawing his fusion cutter, Toba says, "May I assertain the validity of that droid saying?"

Kabakh glares, “Very well, turn that fusion cutter on yourself and let us see your blood.”

Toba turns on the fusion cutter, a slight smell of ozone fills the cockpit as tiny sparks of blue energy dance around the tool's tip.

"Enough the two of you.” Cyan says, “You do not need to like each other to work together. now be civil to one another and keep out of each others way. Any questions?"

Kabakh says, “If you are going to cut off your own arm, then hold that thing right.”

Qassar slides his hand down to his blaster and flips it to stun and loosens it in it's holster. With a menance not seen before by his crew, he says, "Settle down or I'm going to have a perforated crew. We have important work to do and I'm going to need you all, but I'll gladly do the job without you if I have to."

“Kabakh watch your vocabulator,” Cyn scolds, “If he loses an arm you lose 1/2 your logic circuits, i do not care if Qassar approves. Toba is a gifted mechanic and he helps keep your owner alive by maintaining the ship."

A loud explosion is heard from the engine room. The mottlings of hyperspace quickly changes to lines and then to individual stars. Those who were not seated were suddenly thrown forward by the sudden deceleration.

Cyn falls to the floor with a loud smack. "Ow!, that's gonna leave a mark"

“Dear me, was that an explosion,” Kabakh whines.

Qassar leaps from his seat and bolts to the Hyperdrive. "Kabakh grab my tools, Toba move your arse. Cyn get to the cockpit and find out what's out there."

Toba gets up and runs to the engine room, "Vermillion hells!! What the blazes happened here?!! We're back to realspace!" As he and Qassar enter the engine room, smoke fills the air. The hyperdrive is on fire.

Kabakh watches Qassar and Toba leave, pondering what made him suddenly so foolish as to start a fight with Toba in the first place.

Cyn checks the sensors to see what is around them.

Qassar hits the fire alarm, and grabs at the extinguisher. "Toba, make sure it's not spreading to anyother systems" He then steps in to fight the fire.

Toba goes for the power output controls. "Get that fire extinguisher and put out this thing! I'm shutting off all power to the drive systems!" Toba puts on his protection goggles

Sensors show the Dream is adrift with nothing around. Cyn checks the nav computer and finds that they are about 1 hours jump out from the fleet, and the only system anywhere close enough to limp for repairs is the Kattellyn system.

Kabakh stumbles to the cockpit, “Master Cyn, what has occured?”

Qassar and Toba get the blaze under control, then vent the noxious fumes out of the compartment. When the smoke is cleared, the image is bad. Several key systems are melted beyond repair. They will have to be replaced, and it looks like it will be an expensive and time consuming job.

Over the shipwide speakers, Cyn calls, "Qassar we are a drift in open space. sensors show nothing around, and the closest system is Kattellyn. We were only 1 hour into our jump. what would you want me to do? plot a course or help with repairs?"

Qassar coughs, “Plot a course" He then looks at Toba, "How's the back up? and were any other systems affected?"

"Don't you dare plot a course right now, unless you're ready for your final jump.Let me find out what by the Emperor's black bones happened here." Toba begins analizing the situation, both to know what caused this disaster and to check the state of the main and secondary hyperdrives, as well as any other systems that might have been affected.

"Captain, what's the call?" Cyn calls

"Sublight course only." Cyn replies. He then says to Toba, "I know better then to activate a damaged hyperdrive. Plotting the course doesn't mean we start following it."

Once it's cooled down enough, Qassar starts to inspect the Hyperdrive. Looking for what could have caused the explosion. Meanwhile, Cyn starts to program the course.

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