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Toba accepts the brew, though he seems to have reverted back to his gloomy self, "Yep, to better days. To the gone, burried, blasted, charred and almost forgotten better days." He sticks the bottle in his mouth-snout and resumes work while gulping at it.

To lighten the mood, Qassar starts singing a space shanty. He too drinks his brew as he helps get the ship ready.

Kabakh enters quartermasters office. Standing at the counter, he almost shouts, “Excuse me, is there anyone who can help me?”

The supply officer looks over his shoulder at the battered droid, "Sorry there fella, this is supply, maintenance and droid services are on deck 3."

“Ah, then I am in the correct place,” Kabakh nods, “I am here to place an order for the resupply of foodstuffs aboard my masters ship. The Du Cass' Dream. If it is at all possible I would greatly appreciate the ability to look over what foodstuffs you have and make my selction from that.”

The Lieutenant looks blankly at Kabakh, "Umm, well, that other fellow didn't mention anything about foodstuffs, he did ask for something to drink though."

“Other fellow?” Kabakh asks, “Do you mean Master Cyn. He is a Farghul you understand. Is this the fellow you mean? Hmm... Well I did hear him tell my master that he would be coming here for supplies, though not for foodstuffs. That, you must understand, is my job. I am responsible for keeping the ship clean, keeping the crew healthy, and preparing the meals. And that naturally means that I must make certain the Dream's galley is well stocked. Now, about the foodstuffs... Excuse me, did you say he asked for something to drink? What was he after?

"Oh, nothing in particular.” The Lieutenant says, “I did add some Rodian Bloodwine onto the manifest for delivery though. What do you need?"

“Rodian Bloodwine? How very crude indeed. I really must have a talk with Master Cyn about this constant need for blood. You would almost think he was a Viska.” Kabakh sighs, “As for what I need, if I may not check what you have in stock then I shall request 8 kilos shaak meat, 8 kilos nerf meat, 12 kilos nuna meat, 12 kilos yobstrimp, 4 kilos bantha meat, 24 kilos topotoes, 24 kilos Chandrilan greens, 24 kilos flour, 2 gross kaduu eggs, a dozen bottles Corellian whiskey, a dozen bottles of lum, a dozen bottles Chandrilan brandy, and six bottles Drallish Marisala sherry. Oh, and I realize it is not foodstuff but if it is at all possible I would truely appreciate it if you could provide use with 24 liters of bacta. I do realize that medkits will do well enough to heal someone wounded, but I truely prefer to use bacta as it preforms better. Ohh and some Utapau geska. Say 4 kilos worth. It should hopfully cheer up our mechanic.”

The Lieutenant blinks, "Yeah, umm, well, we'd all like alot of that stuff. Uhh, tell you what, why don't you go down to the galley and see if the cook can help you with those things. And the bacta's a pretty valuable item right now, the only place you'll find that is in the infirmary, and you'll be lucky to find it then."

Kabakh sighs at the idea of not being able to get the bacta, “I truly would wish to get the bacta as it will assure me that my master's crew will be more likely to stay alive after there mission is done. Why is it so rare? As for the rest, I shall go see your cook.”

Not getting an answer to his question, Kabakh goes to the galley to find the cook
“Excuse me, I am looking for this ship's cook. I need help in filling an order of foodstuffs for my masters ship. I am looking for 8 kilos shaak meat, 8 kilos nerf meat, 12 kilos nuna meat, 12 kilos yobstrimp, 4 kilos bantha meat, 24 kilos topotoes, 24 kilos Chandrilan greens, 24 kilos flour, 2 gross kaduu eggs, a dozen bottles Corellian whiskey, a dozen bottles of lum, a dozen bottles Chandrilan brandy, and six bottles Drallish Marisala sherry. And and some 4 kilos of Utapau geska. I absolutely must have the geska and am will to bargain on the others.”

The cook stares at the droid for a moment then walks over to a locker. He opens it up and pulls out a large metal container. He lugs it over to the droid and plunks it down in front of him. "Here ya go."

Kabakh looks in the box to find rations, “My good man, this is most certainly not anywhere near the order I placed. These rations are the same thing the Empire feeds it's soldiers. I can assure you that my masters crew is not Imperial troops, should they eat this rubbish their health will deteriorate and their morale will plumet. Not I am a very understanding droid and am willing to trade with you. I can give you 1/2 kilo of top quality Boonta spice, a kilo of Corellian seed poppers, 2 liters grik bisque, a kilo of vweliu nuts, and 6 bottles of Tetan Blu ale for starters. I should not admit any of this, but I can also provide you with 7 bottles of seven year old Corellian brandy, each worth eighty credits apiece. And I can also provide you with three bottles twenty year old Chadian rum worth a hundred credits each and one bottle of pre-Imperial Coruscant Manarai port which I am sure you realize runs six hundred credits since Plapatine declared himself emperor and made it virtually impossible for anyone outside of his royal court to even purchase. For all this I am willing to take a quarter of each item I ordered.

The cook stares at Kabakh for another moment then sighs, "Look, if I had a quarter of what you want I'd be glad to trade with you. As it is, I don't even have a tenth of those things. I'm sorry, but you'll just have to take the standard consumables rations like everyone else and do the best you can with them." He turns to go back into the storage room.

Kabakh sighs, “Very well. But my good man I must ask you, do you have at least one Utupua geska? I will trade you the Coruscant Manarai port for it if you do.”

The cook stops and scratches his backside, "Geska, huh? Is that anything like Corellian Lussh?"

“No my good man, it is not. It is a very delicate sweet treat from Utupua. But if you need to ask if it is like Corellian lussh, then I fear you do not have it,” Kabakh sighs again and then brightens, “As I can not get the supplies I need from you, perhaps I can sell you some of the alchoholic beverages I was going to offer in trade. Now together, all seven bottles of the seven year old Corellian brandy would run 560 credits. I am now willing to part with three of those. That would normally cost 240 credits, but for you my good man, I shall only ask 90 credits. And if you are willing to pay another 50 credits I shall throw in a bottle of the twenty year old Chadian rum. Think of it, thats less than half what each bottle of brandy is worth and half of what the rum is worth. You can well make your own profit off of each or use them as you see fit.”

The cook grins then rubs the stubble on his chin, "Well, if you're willing to come down that much, I like Corellian brandy myself, so how bout I give you 250 even and you give me all the bottles of that and the rum?"

“250 credits is hard to turn down.” Kabakh says, “However, I had been planning on using the sherry to barter with once we reached our destination. Yes, I could barter with just the port, but have more than the port would be very useful to me. How about I offer four of the bottle of brandy and two of the bottles of rum for 190 credits?”

"Umm, I'm really wanting all that brandy, all I got is 275 credits," He looks around to make sure no one's looking, "And I'll throw in a case of Mon Cal dew shrimp. I just got it in yesterday!"

“Hmm, the dew shrimp do make things sound good, but I still need some of the brandy to barter with. 5 bottles of brandy and two of rum for 205 credits and the case of dew shrimp.” Kabakh nods.

"Done! Heh heh." The cook rubs his hands together, "Ok, you go get the booze, and I'll go get the shrimp."

Kabakh hurrys back to the ship with the rations and hurrys back to get the bottles of rum and brandy. Placing them in a crate so no one observes him, he hurrys back to the ships galley to complete his deal with the cook. On the way back he makes a quick stop to secretly download some music files from the ship's rec area. he then returns to the galley. “My good man, I am back with the requested articles of my half of our deal.”

The cook eyeballs the crate. He waits till Kabakh puts it down then opens it up and rummages through it. He pulls out a bottle of the brandy and smiles. Still looking at the bottle, he thumbs at another crate marked 'Grease' and says, "Yeah, yeah, over there...there's your shrimp."

“And the credits my good man.” Kabakh says, holding out his hand, “Place them here in my hand if you would please. I'm sorry but it is something a former master programmed into me.”

"Huh? Oh yeah, yeah, here ya go." He hands Kabakh the appropriate amount.

When Cyn gets back to the Dream he looks up Qassar and hands him the data pad with the list of items he was able to procure, "Here this is what i got, not everything i wanted but a very good portion of it. When you are done examining the list I would like my datapad back."

Qassar puts down his tools and brew, and takes the datapad. Reads over it and hands it back, "Thanks Cyn. That's a pretty good haul, good job. I wonder if Kabakh will have the same luck? Once Toba and I are finished here I'm going to call a beriefing, keep your comm close."

"I'm just about done here. Maybe if we hurry on with this briefing, we might be able to take off before the droid comes back from its groceries shopping." Toba smiles at the thought.

"Ha ha.” Cyn laughs sarcastically, “I want to talk about Coruscant. I've never been there, Kabakh will know the local customs and Org knows the planet. I also want to formulate some sort of plan."

Tightening up the last screw of the system he was checking, Toba says, "Done. The Dream is ready for take off. Do we really have to wait for the droid? It went shopping ages ago, he should have returned by now. Do you think maybe something happened to it?!"

"Good to hear, I've finished here too.” Qassar says, “If something has happened to Kabakh, then I'll tear this cruiser apart. Kabakh is in charge of your pays, plus he has information that I stored in him."

Kabakh rushes back to the Dream to show Qassar what he got, “Master, look what I managed to procure. Sadly I had to trade much of our fine brandy and rum, but I do believe it was well worth it. 205 credits and fresh Mon Calamari dew shrimp.” Kabakh opens the crate marked grease, “What the... this is not what I was promised. Why that filthy man! Excuse me master while I go deal with that cook.”

"What did he give you Kabakh?” Qassar turns to the droid, “We can take it up with the Captian if we have too. I'm sure you recorded the whole conversation."

Kabakh looks into the box, “He gave me what appears to be mechanics grease.”

Qassar takes a look in the crate and, having moved a wax paper wrapped block of grease, finds the shrimp on ice.
"Bloody kessel!” Toba mutters, What's all the fuss about?!"
"Your shrimp are here. The cook must have hidden them so they wouldn't be stolen. Come on, we have a mission to preform.”

"And put that block of grease in the maintenance cabin,” Toba throws in, “You can never have too much grease."

“My shrimp are here? Oh yes, very good indeed. Toba, I had wished to get you some Utapau geska. At least you can use the grease.”

Qassar climbs aboard the Dream and heads straight to the cockpit. Starting up the ship, he comms, "This is Du Cass' Dream requesting clearence for take off."

Toba looks sarcastically at Kabakh, “Oh, don't worry, mechanical grease will be just as good as a home-made geska... "I know I'll hate myself more for asking but.... aren't we missing 1 human?"

Missing one human?” Kabakh moans, “Dear me, that will never do. All of my schedules are for five living beings and one droid. What shall I do now. Oh the time it took me to create those, all wasted.”

Qassar shakes his head, "Oh sorry. No we're not. When I was up checking the sensor array, I got a message recalling Kronn from the mission, so we're all here. Not that I'm complaining."

A voice speaks up through the comms, "Du Cass' Dream you are cleared for launch." The Dream lifts off the deck and turns towards space. With a gentle nudge of the sublights, she floats out and away from the Peregrine and heads for clearance for the jump to hyper.

"Well, you know what they say about humans: The less, the merrier." Toba heads up to the cockpit.

Cyn leaves his quarters rubbing his eyes and strectching out his body and heads to the cockpit. "YYYAAAWWWNNN!!! that was a good for lack of of a better word cat nap. I see we have taken off. Captain what is it you require of me during the flight?"

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