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Rebel Uprisings
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Kabakh ponders, “Hmm something classical.... Perhaps Chandrilan chamber music. Or maybe one of the Tapani dynastic symphonies.”

"Certainly captain." Tonid walks with Qassar out of earshot of the rest of the crew.

After his talk with Tonid, Qassar heads to the Perigines mess room to get a hot meal and some hot caff. He then wanders down to the Dream to check to see how she looks. He seems rather lost in thought.

Cyn heads to the ships stores to round up some needed supplies. Toba runs after him as he's shopping, "If we have any credits left after buying all that stupid wine and seasoning the droid keeps yapping about, you might consider aquiring a new shield capacitor. As I've mentioned earlier, I had to use to spare one, and those things are pretty important if you want the shields operational."

Cyn nods, "Shield Shunter thing, got it. anything else your mechanicalness...ness?"

Cyn reaches the ships cargo hold and steps up to the requisitions window. A Lieutenant Holnan steps up, "Can I help you?"

Toba sides with Cyn at the reaquisitions window, he stands on his tiptoes to look at the lieutenant, "Actually, you can't, he's hopeless. But get him a working shield capacitor, anything with a cardemium core, T/43 diodes and NO pre-ionized cells. ...if you please." He steps aways toward the Dream, mumbling, "Shield shunter thing.... humpf."

The officer watches the dirty little alien shuffle off towards the turbolift and smiles as Cyn turns to him, "Ah yes, good day Lt. Holnan. Captain. Tonid has assigned a very dangerous mission to the crew of the Du Cass' Dream and he advised me to come see the ships stores for some supplies we will be needing. I have a list of needed items here on this datapad. Would you be able to assist me with this or shall I give the list to one of your underlings?”

The Lieutenant smiles as he checks the datapad, "Well, if I had any 'underlings', then, yeah, they'd be helping you now. But as it is, I'm your man! Let's see 12 medpacs, 6 military comlinks, 6 hold out blasters, 5 vac suits, 3 survival kits and 12 power packs. Hmmm...well, we've got everything here except the hold-out blasters. I hope that's ok?"

"Well we will have to do without them then.” Cyn smiles, “You seem very young to be a Lieutenant already, you must be an exceptionally gifted being to earn rank as fast as you have. Is there anything you could provide in place of the hold out blasters?"

Holnan’s smile fades a little, "Well, I am a bit young. I got a field promotion. I was just a midshipman when the original supply officer got...well, you know." He sighs, "Oh, umm...what would you like in replacement?"

"Sorry to hear about the former Supply Officer.” Cyn says, “But never the less, the rank suites you well. Have you ever been to the Tapani sector Lieutenant?"

Holnan shakes his head, "No, I haven't been anyplace but Corellia. Not until I joined up with the General! Now I've been hopping around this sector for the last couple of months. I can't wait until they let me go on a real mission like you guys."

Cyn smiles, "Corellian! Wow! No wonder you made rank. Every Corellian I have ever met has been a very strong person. Corellians are excellent beings. I knew there was something special about you. well if you ever get the time to go, on the planet Bilios in the tapani sector there is a club called the Sun Spot. the owner operator is a female Mashi Horansi named Geel Lotra, tell her i sent you there and she will make sure you have a good time. In all my travels i have not seen it's equal for having beautiful females of just about any species. the females would practically jump on someone as young, confident, and brash as you are. back to the replacements, possible to get some DL-18's in stead of the hold out blasters?"

"Umm, let me see," Holnan punches a few keys on his computer terminal, "Well, we don't have any of those, but we do have about three DC-15s, they're leftovers from when this ship was used during the war. I could let you have those I guess."

"That would be great!” Cyn smiles, “Any chance yuo got some good stuff back there to drink? you know like maybe something from the Captain's or General's stash? I may not make it back from this mission, I at least want to eat and drink good on my way there. If you do I will bring you back a souvenir from the mission."

The young man smiles, "I wish there were, but the General keeps his private stock in his quarters. Let's see, we do have some Rodian Bloodwine, if you're interested?"

Cyn nods, "Sure thing, it is better than that used hydaulic fluid we have been drinking. Thanks again, lieutenanct, if I make it back I'll be sure to bring you back something. don't forget the Sun Spot on Bilios."

"Thanks sir,” Holnan says, “I'll have these things delivered immediately, it's the uhh, Duke Cass' Dream right?"

Cyn shakes his head, "Du, just the Du Cass' Dream. And Many thanks again for your generosity" He then turns and starts to head to the ship with his data pad adjusting the supply list he wrote to match what he got , smiling at himself for netting the Rodian Bloodwine.

"Right, Du Cass' Dream. Oh, no problem sir!" The Lieutenant turns and summons a utility droid.

Toba arrives at the Dream. He picks up some tools and starts performing a thorough pre-flight systems check. Qassar spots him and heads over. He pulls a hydrospanner, and gives Toba a hand,"Hey there. If you need a hand with anything, let me know. I'm pretty handy with one of these, and I had been keeping this baby running before your expertise came along."

Toba gives a puzzled stare at Qassar for a moment, "I.. uh... I mean... Sure, why not. If you could hold this coupler in place while I adjust the output... just be careful not to touch the bindings, those things may get really hot really fast.”

"No problems" Qassar holds the coupler in place, "Listen, can you do me a favour? I need someone to watch Org and Kronn. I've got Kabakh doing it, but he's a droid and may miss certain tell tale signs. If you see anything out of the ordinary, let me know."
In a conspiriatoral whisper, he says, "They are human after all.” He then looks around and says in a normal voice, “Hey what do you know about computer systems? The ships computer seems to running a little slow."

"Right, watch the humans. Sure thing. Do you think they may be up to something. I myself always found humans to be specially sneaky and unpredictable. I mean, just look at the Empire..." Toba keeps on tweaking the coupler's output, "I can't believe you would give any kind of real assignment to the droid, though. That thing's uses don't go beyond simple cooking. Besides, I believe you've heard me say this before, it's evil. That blank, dumb stare of his gives me the creeps.

"Oh, but you asked me about computers... sorry I got distracted. I do know a thing or two about programming computers. And that applies to droids as well, if you ever agree we should take a fusion cutter through that thing's personality matrix."

Qassar chuckles, "Hehe. I actually like Kabakh. Plus he has other uses besides cooking and cleaning. The one thing you have to give him is that he's good at what he does. As for the humans. Yeah I don't trust 'em. The Empire's run by 'em, the military is stocked with 'em. Have you seen any other species in the army or navy?" Looking at what Toba is tweaking "If you cross those wires I always find you get a better circuit."

"Unorthodox.... but I guess it works,” Toba crosses the wires, hooking them together, "And no, I don't think I ever saw another species serving the Empire. Though it's hard to know, under that damned Clone Trooper armor.

"I heard that the original host for the clone army was a Jedi named Anakron. Apparently he eventually turned on his masters, inciting the whole jedi rebellion thing. Some say he was wiped along with the Jedi temple, but I heard that he's still wandering the space lanes, taking out his trooper clones one by one. However, now that I think of it, it makes no sense, cause I never saw a clone trooper display any jedi abilities..."

"Well considering the Jedi were leading them for a while. and who's to say what is a Jedi ability? It's possible that their accuracy is enhanced by it,” Qassar sasy, “Hey, tell me more about where your from."

Toba continues tweaking with the systems and asks Qassar's help with other things,"You wanna know about Utapau? There's not much to tell, really. It used to be a cozy place, with moist and dark sinkholes and friendly animals. Even the Ancients, that's another species, didn't bother me much. One day everything started to get tense and stuff. The Ancients said that a separatist droid general - yes, a droid - had taken the place hostage. But that didn't really change things much for me.”

“Things really went downhill after this human showed up. I believe he was a jedi, by the fighter he was flying. I serviced his ship, he talked to the Ancient boss and flew away. But after that the Ancients were all stirred up and me and my buddies knew something was about to go down.

“And so it did, clone troopers raining from the sky, blasting anything that moved..." Toba seems lost in thought for a moment, the grief is clear on his face. "...yup, there's really not much to tell about Utapau." He then resumes work on the heat dissipators.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring up bad memories. I just wanted to know about your homeworld. I've never been to my homeworld. Let's talk about something else, eh?" Qassar disappears inside for a moment and comes back out with some of his 'home' brew. He opens two, handing one to Toba, "To better days, eh?"

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