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Rebel Uprisings
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Toba sarcastically interjects, "Oh, seeing the entire team together in the galley to enjoy a meal united as one happy family... it brings bile to my throat."

"Well if that is what you consider a delicacy then I guess you will be a happy little Utai." Cyn grins ant then looks at the group, "Well even if it is not to my standards I will still need sustenance and if this does not work, then I guess it would be back to the nerf spit and old hydraulic fluid ale for me"

Cyn smiles as Org and sarcastically grins, "Glad to see you found out how to unbuckle your self from the turret, there may be hope for you humans yet."

Finishing up, Cyn looks at Kabakh, "If you want to take it that way then I am perfectly ok with that, and yes I do like a tidy ship. Now about that dinner. Roasted Nuna sounds tasty. Make mine rare."

Kabakh says to Org, ignoring everyone else for the time, “Yes there is food around here, as you would well know if you had stuck to the schedule I had laid out for you. Honestly, being asleep before it is time for you to do so is a waste of everyone's time. Much work to be done, inventory to be checked, ship's systems to be monitored, exorcise periods to conform to, meal periods to be present for. Of course we have Toba who succeeds in keeping this ship running for the Master, but he is, after all, one being. A very crude being, but still a being none the less. When I present you with a schedule I expect you to follow it. It will serve you right if I serve you a smaller portion than everyone else.

Taken back, Kabakh gasps at Cyn, “Rare roasted nuna! How utterly barbaric! And here I thought you were a highly civilized being rather than some uncultured slob. Of course as you do like a clean ship, slob is not the right word, but uncultured certainly fits if you want rare roasted nuna. This is not some bantha steak we are discussing! Honestly, I find it hard to understand how anyone could even consider eating their nuna rare.”
Toba mutters as he eyes the droid, "'s evil, I say. Evil."

Kabakh nods, “Yes Toba, eating rare roasted nuna is evil. As is using the autochef to prepare a meal. But don't fear for I shall prepare a proper meal for this crew.”

Org smiles, "All right, I'm going back to sleep."

Toba looks disgustedly at Org, "You're not planning on taking your meal up to gun turret again, are you? If I find crumbs jamming the servo systems I'll rig the quads to back fire."

Kabakh sighs, “While I must agree with Toba on the necessity of maintaining all parts of this ship in a clean environment, I fear rigging the guns to back fire would be the exact opposite. Why the mess that would create would be a detriment to the health of this crew. Not to mention the loss of at least one of it's members. Really, I put up with enough of a mess as it is. I don't need to be cleaning someone's organ matter off the bulkheads.
Perhaps what this crew needs is a proper education on proper hygiene and eating habits. Yes, I do believe that would be a good idea. A simple hour a day minimum and within a month I can assure you all that your lives will be greatly improved. “

Cyn says to Kabakh, "Fine if eating rare Nuna is uncultured, then make mine MEDIUM! rare. I like it juicy and bloody."

Toba sarcastically mutters, " someone's organ matter... ...juicy and bloody.... now that's the kind of table talk that wets a guy's appetite."

“Bloody roasted nuna!” Kabakh says, “We are talking roasted nuna here, not nuna flambe! Properly cooked roasted nuna is never medium rare and must never be bloody. If you must insist on a bloody meal, which I must inform you is very unhygienic, then perhaps I should prepare for you some bantha tar tar.”

"Yeah, something cooked is fine with me." Org says and gives a menacing look, "And I was going to sleep in my bunk, thank you. It only seems like I live in that gun turret."

“Please tell me you have not been eating in your bunk as well.” Kabakh sighs, “Why, doing so could attract bed mites which will not only eat your crumbs but they will eat you as well. Nasty little creatures. Yes, I can even better see the need for an hour a day of proper hygiene and eating habits.”

Cyn sighs, "Fine then! Make the Nuna however you like it, droid. I will be in the cargo hold meditating and performing some stretching exercises to calm myself. I obviously have some tension built up. How long until the meal is prepared Kabakh?"

“Should take no more than an half an hour to an hour.” Kabakh scurries off to prepare the meal.

Toba mutters to no one in particular, "...I hate bed mites..."

Qassar sits back and watches the crew talk away, thinking to himself, “It's strange, these beings argue constantly, but act as one when needed.” A rare smile crosses his face.

“Org stares after Kabakh and shakes his head: "Droids."

Du Cass' Dream drops from hyperspace and picks up the coded fleet signal. The hardy ship and her crew rendezvous with the fleet and is directed to dock with the flagship, an Old Republic Dreadnaught designated Peregrine.

The crew is given an hour to lock down the ship and freshen up before being debriefed. They make their way to the war room and take their seats in front of a holo projector. Captain Fel Tonid enters and greets our heroes then begins recording as they describe what happened on the last mission.

The captain stops the recording when the debrief is finished and looks to the crew, "We're sorry that we sent you into an ambush like that, but if it helps, you and your ship have proved that it doesn't take the resources of an Empire to produce quality troops!" He smiles, "That being said, you'll all have a few hours to get some rack time and maybe a hot meal before we need you to move out on a very important mission. It's quite dangerous, but well worth it. I can only give you a few details now, but when you arrive at your initial destination and meet with your contact you'll be briefed further."

A young man enters the room, takes in this motley crew before him, then sits with his back to the wall.

"You're to travel to Imperial City itself, Coruscant. There, you'll make your way discretely to sub-level 87 in the Alder sector. Go to the cantina on Bespin Way called ‘The Jizz’. Ask for a person named Cordis. He or she will finish your briefing then." Captain Tonid smiles again as he gestures to the young man at the back of the room, "Oh, by the way the General figured you needed some more muscle for this mission. Everyone, meet Kronn Grifullkin, I think he'll fit into this crew nicely."

He waits a moment to let the info sink in, then, "Any questions?"

Toba raises his hand casually and asks in a dispirited tone, "Do you really, actually believe our little pointless, but nevertheless dangerous, missions have any chance of overthrowing the mighty, all-seeing Galactic Empire?"

Kabakh speaks up, ignoring Toba’s question, “Yes, I have a question. During this so called mission you sent my master and the crew of the dream on I was deactivated for a time. As such, during the ambush the master's finest Chandrilian chatane ke lure '86 was destroyed as I was unable to protect it from such a loss. Who will repay my master for that? As you are no doubt well aware, a Chandrilian chatane ke lure '86 runs a good four hundred credits. It is, after all, really a very fine wine.

"Oh, short your circuits!” Toba grimaces at the droid, “Nobody cares about your bloody chattanekelrbr-whatever."

“I shall remember you said that the next time we are out of credits and you are without any spare parts to fix something that has broken down.” Kabakh retorts, “Chandrilian chatane ke lure '86 is worth four hundred credits on the open market, but on the invisible market I can easily get four times that much as my previous master taught me.
Er.... Perhaps I have said too much.”

"All you ever do is say too much...." Toba mutters discontentedly, causing Kabakh to sulk slightly.

"Welcome aboard and good luck, with these bantha herders you will need it." Cyn smiles as he greets Kronn.

Kabakh finally notices Kronn, saying, “Greetings. I am Kabakh, Master Qassar's SE4 servant droid. I trust you will find the master's ship in a fairly clean condition despite the way some members of it's crew tend to treat it. Honestly, I am sure you will agree that a clean ship promotes not only better health among it's crew but also results in law enforcement officials not to suspect that it's crew would do anything illegal. The Maker forbid that we be seen as doing such. I am also sure you will agree with me that the master should be reimbursed for the loss of his Chandrilian chatane ke lure '86.

“And do pay Toba no heed as to my talking too much as you see I really do not talk nearly half as much as he would suggest I do. Why it is quite clear to anyone who truly knows me that I understand the importance of silence. This is, naturally, not something a protocol unit could comprehend. They must constantly speak whether it is required of them or not. But not we servant units. No, we know that it is important that we keep our silence so as to let organics such as yourself be able to think in peace.
As soon as you are settled in aboard the Dream, I will gladly prepare a schedule for your daily routine with the crew. You will no doubt wish to greatly thank me for this, but there is no need. It is something I am all too happy to do.

“Oh, and I trust you do not have such crude tastes, as Toba sadly does, as drinking such vulgar things as beer and releasing your bodily gases. The release of one's bodily gases truly is not something for polite company. Unfortunately, Toba has as yet learned this. “

The captain regards the little Utai and smirks, "Well, the saying goes, a snip here, a snip there, pretty soon the whole garment is full of holes! While it may seem that our little resistance doesn't amount to much, there are countless others throughout the galaxy doing their part in trying to bring Palpatine to his knees!" He then does a double take of the droid, "Does he really have to be here?"

In reply to Kabakh's long winded speech about being silent, Cyn smiles broadly, "Guess the hole mole was right... Sorry Utai, but you already knew I was going to say that didn't you Toba"

Cyn then turns to Captain Tonid, "You better watch out Captain, Kabakh might make you wash out your mouth with his special mouth rinse for talking bad about him."

“Seeing everyone ganging up on Kabakh, Toba allows a slight smirk to cross his face, but it's soon gone. Replying to Cyn, he says, "No, I didn't know you were going to say that, what are you talking about?"

Toba looks blankly at the Captain, "I hate sayings, but it does feel better to know there are countless others throughout the galaxy diving headlong into star destroyers, hoping for a quick and painless death. Thanks. No more questions."

"Coruscant, huh. well we better prepare. It will be a long flight." Cyn says, "Better make sure the galley is stocked, can't wait till we eat food that is cooked all the way again. I will head to the ships store to do a little shopping and should be down at the ship within the hour to help out on course plotting to Coruscant. Is there anything else you require from me prior to me leaving?”

Kronn speaks up, “Hello Gentlemen...Thank you for coming here. I will try and help as much as I can so I wont get in your way.”

Turning around and checking Kronn from top to bottom with a slight air of disdain, Toba says, "Well, hello there, human number 2. Welcome to the troupe, it will be a pleasure having your ionized carbon particles mixed with ours when we are inevitably blown to tiny bits by the Galactic Empire."

“Yes, of course Master Cyn.” Kabakh says, “A well stocked galley will ensure better morale among the crew just as well as a well cleaned ship does. This will also give me a chance to rid the dream of all that foul beer and replace it with a stock of some of the best Agamar stout ale. And perhaps I shall fix some mugruebe stew for this evenings dinner. No, in honor of our new crew member I think grilled shaak steak in nyork sauce. And I shall make yours as rare as possible.”

Kabakh then says to himself, “Coruscant? Hmm, there is a great many delicacies I can purchase for the Dream there. Perhaps I should purchase some Drallish Marisala sherry. Not a sherry worth drinking for anyone with refined tastes, but Master Greleriv used to say anyone looking to enter any of Coruscant's ports could often trade a few bottles as payment for docking bay rent.”

"You might want to have your droid... I mean Kabakh prepare a ‘training session’ for our new human so Kronn will know how to unbuckle himself from the gunners turret in case he goes up there." Cyn exposes one of his large roguish smiles at Org, his smile growing larger as he turns to Kabakh, "Did you say rare?"

Kabakh eyes Kronn, “Master Cyn, are you sure Master Kronn here will need require a training session in how to unbuckle the straps in the seat to the gun turret? He looks knowledgeable enough to understand how that particular task is accomplished. However, if the master agrees with you, then I shall prepare a two hour session for him. Perhaps it would be for the best if I prepare such a session for the whole of the crew. Except for Master Qassar, he certainly is knowledgeable on all aspects of his ship.

“And, yes I did say rare. It is a well known fact that grilled shaak steak in nyork sauce should be prepared rare to medium rare if done properly as the juices of the shaak will mix with the nyork to create the most excellent flavor. Why, when I served the late Senator Greleriv he would have me prepare the dish for a great many of his famous state dinners as he proclaimed it was a dish from heaven in it's flavor.”

Qassar stands up and shakes hands with Captain Tonid, "Thank you Captain. I do have a question, and I'm sure it's on the mind of my crew as well. What about payment? Also expenses for the mission? We aren't rich beings. Oh and Kabakh has to be here. He's an integral member of the crew"

Qassar waits for a response then turns to his crew. "Welcome aboard Kronn. I am Captain Qassar, just call me Qassar. Kabakh will show you your berth space on Du Cass' Dream. Cyn, check our medpac supplies, we may need some more. Also power packs for our blasters. I'll meet you all aboard the Dream in a couple of hours."

Captain Tonid's smile fades a little, "Payment, yes, well...currently all of our assets have been frozen. You must understand that this is a secret war we're fighting here captain. But what we do have we will gladly share. Food, ammunition, clothing, medical supplies, anything, if we have it."

Qassar nods, "That's fine Captian. Some things to sell on the blackmarket would be fine, the left over moneys will come into the Resistances coffers, if it helps."

Quickly catching Kabakh's arm before he leaves, Qassar whispers into his audio sensor, "Watch Kronn and Org. We know next to nothing about them. Tell me if they do anything suspicious.” Qassar releases him and says out loud "Don't throw out my beer, but get whatever we need for the galley."

"Of course, but I'm afraid there isn't much that we could give you that could be sold on the black market that would net you much profit." Captain Tonid rolls his shoulders in a shrug, "Most that we have has been scavenged from old military supplies that have been in store for years."

Master, should I show Master Kronn to his berth before or after I make certain the galley is well stocked?” Qassar asks, “I am sure the proper order would be to show Master Kronn to his berth first and then make sure the Dream's galley is well stocked. But as I am well aware that we shall not be leaving without Master Kronn and am not as aware of the state of choice foodstuffs leaving the larders and pantries of this facility if I should wait, I worry that perhaps I will not be able to provide for the crew as well as I should like if forced to settle for second and even third choice foodstuffs.”

After he catches what Qassar just told him, Kabakh nods and whispers, “Very well master, I shall see to it that they assist me.” He then looks to the humans and says, “Masters Kron and Org, if you will please come with me. I could well use your assistance.

"Do as you see fit,” Qassar says, “Whatever is most efficient. Whilst out see if you scrounge up some easy listening music. Something classical. And it’s just an idea Captian. Just an idea. Umm...Can I talk to you privately?"

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