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"To our destination!" Cyn grins broadly.

"Oooook.... returning gravity to Standard and ambient lighting to 40% of maximum capacity." Toba throws in an afterthought, "I hope you don't want me to turn the droid on as well, do you? The blasted thing got a little jarred back here while the gravity was off, it seems it has a few new dents..."

Cyn turns to Qassar, "We are headed to a rendezvous point for the resistance. I did not want to jump back directly to our home port. I programmed a series of different jumps to throw off the Imps. I figured the other ships at the rendezvous can scan to see if we have any tracking devices actively transmitting"

"Always a good thing" Qassar unstraps himself as the gravity comes back on. He heads out to the Galley, "Let's see how long it takes Kabakh to notice. 5 credits says 5 minutes. Anyone want a drink?"

"Do you have anything that would be worth my while to drink? 5 credits your on. I say it will be two minutes or less" Cyn says to Qassar as he breaks out with a roguish smile.

Toba removes the mag-boots and stores them back in the closet. Then heads up to the galley. "Let's see how long it takes for it to throw a galactic hissy fit about it.... I say, keep the blasted thing off. It's evil... though it does mix a wicked Tatooine Sunburn."

"Probably not." Qassar downs his home made Tarro ale in one gulp, and pushes a bottle into Cyn's hands. "But it won't kill you." he then heads over and drops into the lounge. "I want to figure out a way that this doesn't happen again. We need to know that we are meeting the Resistance and not the Empire."

Toba says sarcastically, "I have figured out a good system for that. If it shoots us, it's the Empire."

As Toba comes in, Qassar gets up and grabs him a bottle, handing it over he sits back down, "He may whine a lot, but he can cook, and he knows things about the galaxy that may be handy. I don't want to upset a Houk by greeting it the wrong way. And whilst that is true, I'd prefer to not having to get into that situation. I guess until the resistance gets it's ass organized, we're just going to have to be careful."

Toba grabs the bottle, opens it, sticks it in his mouth-snout and proceeds to gulp at it, making some weird noises, "If you want it on, be my guest, I've dragged it up to the door.
And as for being careful, you can try that for a change, but it's pointless. We're still gonna end up a cloud of ionized carbon particles."

"Lets just relax a little first, eh? So how much damage did we sustain and how many parts do we need to replace?" Qassar asks, "Oh and how long till the next jump?"

Toba replies, "Surprisingly, the Dream is not in such bad shape as it ought to be. I had to do some tweakings, and use one of the spare capacitors, which will have to be replaced. You're not looking at a very steep parts bill, no need to get a loan from Jabba yet."

"I've never borrowed money from that gangster. I'm not an idiot." Qassar gets up and grabs some snack from the galley. "Hmm.. The Dream seems to be tougher then she looks, but I think she could use a larger power reactor. That'll cost in both creds and cargo capacity." He plops back down musing over various ways to get more power into the ship.

"You buy it, I plug it in. It's still pointless...." Toba finishes up the beer and goes for the snacks as well.

"It may be pointless, but it'll help" Qassar reaches over and switches Kabakh on and watches the droid’s reaction.

Toba opens another beer, sticks it in his mouth-snout and shudders in dreadful anticipation.

Not seeing any reaction Qassar pokes Kabakh with his boot and then leans in to see if its power core is active.

A glimmer of hope passes through Toba's expression. “Is the droid broken? Is its power core never turning on again?!” He thinks to himself as something very akin to happiness starts to surge from the deepest, darkest corners of his soul.

Suddenly, a dim humming comes from the deactivated droid as it slowly comes back to operational awareness. It looks blankly around the room, “Dear me, Master Qassar, was it really required that I be shut down in the middle of my cleaning cycle? It is true wisdom, you must understand, that we keep the Dream as spotless as possible. A clean ship will hardly raise Imperial suspicion should we be sadly boarded. And it will also insure your continuing health and that of this ships crew And..... Is that beer Toba is drinking? Dear me, such a filthy drink. Must I keep reminding you that it is much better on each of your digestive tracts while in space if you drink R'alla mineral water. But if you must ingest an alcoholic beverage, might I suggest a Tetan Blu ale. It's really quite healthy you know.”

After watching Toba drink his ale in a rather quick fashion, Cyn decides to try it. He takes the bottle and takes a long healthy swig of it. A disgusted look appears on his face as he forces down the liquid, "Oh! This is dreadful. How do you drink this burned out, over used Hydraulic fluid? This should have been changed out a few hundred years ago."

Cyn finishes the drink and proceeds to whip out his blaster cleaning kit to try and scrape off some of the taste. As he cleans out his mouth, he turns to Qassar, "Not too much longer to the next jump point," He then looks at the slowly becoming operative droid, "Did you actually spend credits on that thing?"

"Hey, he's all right. He keeps the Dream running and you don't seem to mind his cooking.” Qassar then turns to the droid, “Sorry about turning you off Kabakh. Won't happen again, but I can't have you cleaning the cockpit when I'm flying for dear life. Or in the case of Toba, pointless life."

Suddenly, Toba returns to his usual, gloomy self, finishes up his beer, burps loudly, and stuffs the empty bottle into the droid's hand. He says in an overly sarcastic tone, "So good having you back from the unpowered!"

"I guess he...” Cyn points to the droid and pauses, then shoots a glance at Toba and Kabakh, “...they have their uses"

Toba ignores the remark, making a tired face.

Qassar says, "As do you, Cyn. Was the only exit vector on the other side of the Destroyer? Whilst I had fun, I would dearly like to not have to do that again. And good work Toba. I was sure that we were goners after that second wave. I didn't know the shields could take such a pounding."

Kabakh takes the bottle in disgust, “Flying for dear life? Master, if you had simply followed the schedule I had laid out, I'm am most sure that there would be no need to have worried about such things. And I must assure you that Toba's life is not pointless, merely his manners. Why, given enough time I assure you that he will come to understand that the releasing of his bodily gases as not something for polite company. And that if one must sadly release such gases in the company of others they should naturally apologize to those around them.” Noticing Cyn using his blaster cleaning kit, he comments, “Master Cyn, I can fix you a proper mouth cleaning solution for that.”

Toba stares at the droid for a moment and turns to Qassar, "Thanks... Those shields are indeed quite impressive." He then looks around quickly, "And where is the human? Is he having trouble unstrapping himself from the gun turret again?"

“Did you say a destroyer, Master? The odds of successfully escaping a Star Destroyer are 120,967 to 1!” Kabakh shrieks as his voice becomes slightly higher in pitch, “We could have been blown to bits!”

Toba murmurs longingly, "Oh... we could. We sure could..... "

Cyn looks at Qassar, "It was the best course of action we could have taken considering the circumstances. And you droid, what is your designation again... aha! Kabakh. I would be most appreciative if you could prepare for me that solution."

“Certainly Master Cyn. Though I must really say that should you have waited for me to return to full activation I could have advised you that the beer would not have been to your refined tastes and could have suggested something much better.” Kabakh shuffles into the galley to prepare a mouth rinse. After a few minutes, he reenters the room holding a small glass.

After rinsing out his mouth to remove the taste of the ale, Cyn takes out his datapad and starts to make an entry. “Note to self. Toba is of the species known as the Utai. It is possible that this little imitation Jawa and/or his species of cave dwellers have telepathic abilities. Be mindful of what you think around him. I must say that he is a fairly gifted mechanic. I might learn a lot from him.”

Kabakh bows to Cyn as he says, “Master Cyn, I trust you enjoyed the mouth rinse. It is truly amazing what you can do with a little Nubian clover essence, Coruscant granite fungus, R'alla mineral water, and half a teaspoon of nerf saliva.”

Cranked on the sarcasm, Toba mutters, "...the galaxy never ceases to amaze me..."

Qassar calls out to Kabakh, "Yeah we could have been destroyed, that's why they call them Destroyers." At amore reasonable tone, he says, "Org probably fell asleep up there. It may have been the best course. I would have loved to have seen the looks on the gunners. Hell I would have settled on hearing what was going on in the Bridge. Hey Cyn did you get the Destroyer’s IDs?"

Kabakh seems taken back as he stammers, “Yes, of course I understand why they call them destroyers, Master. But surely you must understand that their very name fails to truly imply what they destroy. You see it is quite clear, even to one such as Toba, that their name implies they destroy stars rather than ships. Despite that, you naturally must agree with me that it would have been a better course of action had we allowed the destroyer's boarding party onboard. I am most certain that they would have understood we do not pose them a threat. Running away makes us look guilty and it makes the captain of that destroyer order our immediate termination. Though as I am able to speak I must assume that we survived merely through your exceptional piloting skills and leadership abilities. And... wait, is this a new dent in my chassis?”

"Cue galactic hissy fit." Toba checks his chrono-pad, "Almost five minutes, kitty-boy, pay up the cap."

Kabakh looks to Toba, confused, “Excuse me Toba, but what is almost five minutes? And why must Master Cyn pay up this ‘cap’?"

"Sithspit! I loose again. I must remember to give up gambling." Cyn hands over the credits and turns to Kabakh, "You know you are about as observant as that little sinkhole mole! And as for the wash it was very refreshing and did the trick. You're also lucky I do not mind Nerf spit."

Cyn then says to Qassar, "I was not looking at the sensors trying to track the ID's on the VSD's, but since you did scrape the paint on that one, I can go back over the sensor logs to see if we can pry it out of them. I will jump on that once we are sure we are safe, it may take some time."

Kabakh looks to Cyn, confused again, “Excuse me Master Cyn, but was that part about my being lucky you do not mind nerf saliva supposed to be partially intended to threaten me? Indeed my logic circuits did shake at the thought of what you may have done to me had you not liked the nerf saliva. However, I must remind you that I am Master Qassar property and for you to harm me would be defacing his property. I also assume that you prefer a clean ship which I can assure you shall be forced to clean this ship yourself should I not be here.”

Kabakh looks towards Qassar and worriedly says, “Dear me, Master, I must apologize. I should have had your dinner prepared eight minutes ago. I assure you that had I not been deactivated at the time you would be enjoying a fine meal by now. Perhaps I should make it up to you. With what we have in the galley, I can a fine meal of roast nuna with Corellian scallions in an Alderaanian white sauce. On the side I shall provide you some fresh Courscant fungus, roasted new topotoes, and some steamed Chandrilian tusmuard greens. Might I suggest a fine seven year old Corellian brandy to wash it down? Not really the best choice, I must admit, but the Chandrilian chatane ke lure '86 was destroyed in our recent escape.”

Just then, Org walks in from his bunk. "There any food around here?" He looks blankly around the group, "It's hard to sleep while you all yap it up out here."

Qassar grins, "Typical. Org rocks up when food is mentioned. Nice shooting there, by the way. Kabakh, just whip something up. As long as it tastes good, I don't think anyone will mind what it is...Well except maybe Cyn."

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