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Rebel Uprisings
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Kabakh turns around to face the Verpine, “You, Zulix, could this be repaired if it had the right parts?”

"It could, but why? Your ship’s nicer, newer. I'm sure with a few modifications it would be even faster and more maneuverable," Zulix shrugs off the question, keeping his attention on Kabakh with great interest.

“Could you repair it?” Kabakh asks again, “Maybe with parts from another less favorable unit? With a little help, of course.”

Zulix lets out an exasperated sigh, "Well, yeah, I'm not sure why you'd want to get this old crate back up and running, but yeah, I could."

Kabakh hears someone coming up the ramp of the old freighter. He turns, and if his photoreceptors were adjustable, they'd be wide open as an immense Wookiee blocks the hatch.

Zulix turns, "Oh, hey Luey! You here to rip that sensor suite from the cockpit?"

“A Wookiee? What is a Wookiee doing here?“ Kabakh keeps a careful eye on Luey and turns back to Zulix, “It is not this ship I want running again, it is the hyperdrive. My master could use a… err… spare unit.”

"Oh! Well, yeah, I could help out with that.” Zulix takes a double take, looking excitedly at Kabakh, “Are you saying you'd like to take me on as a mechanic?"

Kabakh takes a short pause before answering, “We have a mechanic, but if you could help I am sure the master could find a use for you.”

The bug perks up, his antenna twitching with excitement, "I'll have to get my tools together! Go back to the ship and ask that little guy...your master is he?...if he minds that I tweak her a little.”

Lewshak gives a slightly startled glance to Zulix's voice and pauses for a moment at the top of the ramp to assess Zulix and the droid being aboard the wreck. He then roars out, “Maybe, I'm checking its port configurations to make sure they are compatible." With that being said, he shambles off towards the cockpit.

“Toba is most assuredly not my Master, though I shall see if my Master would be willing to have you look at the ship,“ Kabakh states, taken aback at the accusation of the Utai being his master.
He then wanders over to the Dream and heads for the comm station, opening a channel to Qassar, “Master, there is a Verpine tech here who is willing to try to fix a hyperdrive for us that we may be able to use. Toba may be able to show him what we need and perhaps even use his aid aboard this ship. There is also a rather interesting looking Wookiee here.”

Zulix follows Lewshak into the cockpit after the droid exits the hulk, "Did you see that droid? I can't wait to crack him open!"

Overhearing it, Toba is startled by the transmission, "What, by the blackness of space, are you talking about, droid?!"

Kabakh redirects the transmission to Toba, “The possibility of a working hyperdrive here in this docking bay. That wreck over there has a hyperdrive the Verpine thinks can be fixed. You know what still works on the hyperdrive on this ship and what is totally useless. Perhaps the two of you can scramble together a working hyperdrive, Toba.”

The Utai raises from his seat and heading to the ramp, "What? But the other human said that ship had been completely dismantled for parts! Oh sithspit, I guess I'm gonna head over there to check this out myself.... And I was having such a pleasant nightmare...." He then quickly heads to the other ship.

“Toba, wait!” Kabakh calls out, “There is also a Wookiee aboard that ship!”

"What's a wucky? Some legendary space curse?" Toba shakes his head and continues heading to the ship.

“Wookiee,” Kabakh repeats, “Huge hairy sentient with enormous strength. They like to tear arms out of other's sockets.”

Toba stops walking. Ponders a little, then turns back to Kabakh and says, "In that case, would you mind leading the way to this hyperdrive you mentioned?"

Kabakh patches the ships comm to his comlink then heads out of the Dream, closing the ramp and locking it so that only he and Toba can get back in, “Oh very well, if I must” He then leads Toba to the wrecks hyperdrive and whispers to him so Zulix and Luey can't hear, “You know better about this than I do, Toba. Do you think it is possible that it could be fixed with parts from our busted hyperdrive?”

Alvus scratches his chin thoughtfully, "Well, can't comment on the quality, other than they haven't even been used as far as I know. I do know they're military grade though, and availability? Well, let's just say they're pretty much at hand."

Qassar takes a brief glance around and see if any other signs of battle can be seen, "Do you have a problem to whom I might sell them to?"

"Hey, I don't care if you sold 'em to the Emperor himself!” Alvus chuckles, “I was just wonderin' if you'd like to maybe work up a trade, that's all."

"I have no problems with free trade. I am a free trader after all. Let me know how much stock you want moved, how much you want for it and I'll see what I can do. No promises, you hear. I can't promise that any of my contacts would want what you're selling. By the way,” Qassar nods his head towards Cyn, “Bynyn here is my partner so you can talk in front of him. So tell me more about this free trade you want to set up. Do you want me to bring supplies, or just creds?"

"Actually, I'd just like to get these things off my planet," he gestures to the container he's leaning on, "so if you've got any spare parts from your ship or anything like that, I'd be grateful. Of course, if you don't have too much to trade, I guess credits’ll do."

"Actually Captain, at the moment, I'm in short supply of both, but I'll make some enquiries, and see what I can do. Get me an inventory, or rough guess, and I'll do my best for ya,“ Qassar takes a look at the container, judging it's size and whether he'll be able to get it in the Dream, "Are there many of them?"

"Well, as far as the inventory goes, that manifest on the lid says it's got about 500 rifles, 300 pistols, 100 of these babies," Genos holds up his repeater, "and about 500 grenades. Oh, and something about a prototype repeater, a Web somethin' or other. I'm sure there're a few of these pods lyin' around elsewhere."

Cyn attempts to get Qassar's attention and calls him over. Qassar steps carefully towards him, trying to step as lightly as possible, "Hmm?"

With the lower access panel neatly removed underneath the console, Lewshak lays on his back to get a better view of the sensor suite port configurations. The gentle growls come from below, “Where did the droid come from? That other ship?"

Zulix nods excitedly, "Yeah! And he says that this little guy on the ship might let me join the crew! You want off this rock?"

This question makes Lewshak raise his head too fast, causing him to bump it against the edge of the access hatch. He lets out a loud roar of pain.

Just at the ship's ramp, Toba points out, "We don't want to fix their hyperdrive, we want to fix ours." He then quickly stops to listen to the weird sound coming from inside. "Was that the wucky?!"

Kabakh whispers, “I was wondering if the two could be used together to give us a working hyperdrive on the dream.”

"Well, let's see," Toba makes his blaster readily accessible in his tool belt and sneaks into the ship, heading straight to the hyperdrive. He then does a quick examination. After several moments, he comes out muttering to himself, "Well, what was I thinking trusting the droid with mechanical affairs? This thing is in a much worse state than ours! It looks like it has been picked apart for years......"

He removes a sprocket, "Well, I can use this, but what good will it do us if we don't have a cooling unit? Dang, we don't even have a single hyper-modulator left in the whole thing! It's pointless. Really."

Kabakh sighs, sounding almost as gloomy as Toba, “And to think I trusted that Verpine when he said he could repair it. I should have asked you to look at it in the first place.“ Losing himself in thought, he then asks, “A cooling unit? Would the refrigeration unit in the galley work?

"Refrigeration unit? Refrigeration unit? Oh, it's best you keep to your cooking, your mechanical nonsense is making my head hurt." Toba draws some tools and starts picking the drive apart for some useful, if pointless, parts.

“Well I am sorry,” Kabakh huffs, “I was just trying to get us off this dirtball as quickly as possible. Or perhaps I should ask that Verpine about this.”

Toba crosses his arms angrily, "What do you want to ask the Verpine about?"

Rubbing his head, Luey pulls himself out from underneath the console, "Ow. What makes you think they'll take you... or me... with them?"

"Well, the droid said they needed someone to help with their hyperdrive, and kept asking me if I could do it, and while I don't particularly like working on drives, I thought, hey...I can finally get off this dirtball and back into the galaxy at large! I'm sure they could use someone with your special skills too!" Zulix chitters wildly.

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