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Kabakh heads to the bay and takes a quick look around to see if anything changed since Zulix entered. Suddenly, the insect-like alien sneaks up behind him and begins inspecting his body again, "Mr. Droid. Now I can prove that you have been modified if can just look a little on that hand of yours. I promise I won’t try to deactivate you or give you a memory wipe. You have my word,"

Seeing Zulix looking over Kabakh again, Toba hit’s the comm systems button, "Oh boy... is he bugging you again, Kabakh?”

The droid looks towards the ship, his coagulators releasing a sigh, “It would appear so.” He then looks back towards Zulix, “And how do you plan to go about doing that?”

Zulix chitters excitedly, leaning forward to try and persuade the droid, “I assure you that I won’t take your arm off or something like that. I just want to see if there some kind of button somewhere.” Meanwhile, Toba looks out the back hatch from the cockpit, keeping a close eye on the two to make sure there was no funny business.
Kabakh quickly jerks his arm away from the Verpine, “No, you may not try to see if I have a button!”

Verpine widens his already oversized eyes and leans closer to Kabakh, his chittering voice releasing a shrill whine, ''Come on! Please! I promise not to do anything!''

Kabakh stares at Zulix for a minute, not sure what he should do. Finally, he holds out both arms to the Verpine, “Very well, but if I think you are about to shut me down I shall remove myself from your presence and have my companion deal with you.”

Toba, fed up with the whole droid deal, snorts to himself and goes back to checking the ship's systems.

Zulix runs his buggish fingers up and down Kabakh's forearms and wrists. He begins focusing on the right wrist area and starts clicking a buzzing in his native language excitedly, something about being right and letting go with something akin to a giggle.

Kabakh concentrates his visual receptors on Zulix, questioning, “A Verpine, giggle? Are you sure you are not human? They are, after all, one of the few species I have encounter that giggle. But I will assure you, despite what you clearly believe you witnessed, I have not been modified. Now, be on your way.” He then turns quickly away from to determine how far along the decon droids have gotten.

Seeing that the droids are just finishing their duty, descending from the Dream and then heading towards a hatch labeled 'Hazardous Waste', Kabakh calls to one of the decon droids in the droid language asking it what it knows about Zulix.

The droid pauses and turns its photoreceptors in Kabakh's direction, "If it weren't for master Zulix, I'd be extra parts for the Atraken Memory by now." Kabakh ponders this information as he makes an appearance of returning to his cleaning.

Just as Toba manages to fall asleep on the captain's chair, Kabakh shuffles out to search the wreck Captain Alvus is using for parts to see if it might have a working hyperdrive multiplier or one that can at least be repaired. As he moves down the ramp, Zulix follows closely behind. He gets to the other ship and enters the hatch. Inside, it looks totally stripped, a mere skeleton of framework with several conduits dangling here and there. Kabakh manages to scout out the hyperdrive. It looks like it's seen better days as well, many parts have been removed, especially the ones needed to fix the Dream.
Continuing to follow Alvus with Cyn following close behind him and keeping an eye out, Qassar asks, "Well Captain, which way to the wrecks? Has anyone offered to help decontaminate your planet?"

"Ha! We've been forgotten since the war. Nobody cares about a backwater world. Besides, the guys who did this now run the galaxy, why would they want to sully their reputation by fixing what they broke?" Alvus chuckles to himself, "Wrecks are this way fellas, follow me." He heads towards what must have once been a bustling city block. A few walls stand stubbornly against the corrosive atmosphere. Cyn notes that he can actually see a sign hanging over a doorway that barely reads, 'Mallouks Diner'. The further he takes the group, the worse it seems to get.

Alvus yells back over his shoulder, "We won't be able to stay out here too long, this fog'll start breaking down the suits eventually. Oh! I hope the parts you need aren't made up solely of synthetics. If they are, then I'm afraid this was a wasted trip for you boys." He leads the group past what looks like some sort of transport container with military markings on it.

Qassar nods and approaches the container, “Cyn, keep an eye peeled for any trouble. I’ll see if they have any of the parts we'll need to get the hyperdrive working again and what will make it work better if we can find it.” As he passes alongside the container, Qassar sees a pile of rubble begin to shift, and suddenly, a half meter long insect darts out towards him, mandibles snapping away. Stepping back from it with a cry of surprise, he begins to fire away at the insect from his heavy blaster.

Seeing the bug jump out at Qassar, Cyn gets into a crouching position and begins to take several shots at it with his E11 rifle but the bug is too fast. Qassar's shot kicks up dust as the creature lashes out at his shin. Cyn's shot likewise ricochets off an old street sign half buried in the soil. Just before the bug clamps down on Qassar's leg, Genos cuts loose with the repeater, the bug is thrown to the side and hits the ground. As soon as it does, it disappears beneath the soil. "Like I said, I never try to stun the bastards. Even a repeater only knocks ‘em down."

After seeing the bug take a solid shot from the repeater and still scatter away, Cyn nods at Alvus’s warning and changes the settings on both his E11 and DC15 to lethal. “Damn that thing was fast. Let's hurry this up and get out of here. No offence captain, but the sooner I'm back in my Dream the better."

Genos leans calmly against the container, "Might as well wait a minute, those things find food, and they'll be pouncin' anything making the least of tremors." He then proceeds to check the power pack of his repeater.

Qassar looks around confusedly, "If they pounce things making the least tremors shouldn't we keep moving and make as much vibration as possible?"

"Be my guest! These things home in on vibrations, like a mynock on power couplings. The more noise you make, the easier it is to find you. If we wait a few minutes, they'll lose interest and seek noisier pray," Genos scratches his side for a moment and looks around. "Hey, you guys interested in some weaponry?"

Qassar looks at him a bit suspiciously, "Depends on what you're talking about. The quality, it's grade, availability. I have some contacts that might, and it's a big might, buy them."

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