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With a very annoyed expression, Toba snaps, "No, it's not. Now bug off, Zulix."

"Well, who's is it then?" Zulix continues to circle Kabakh, barely resisting the urge to touch the droid.

"Not really your business, is it?" Toba rolls his eyes, "What do you want here?"

Zulix, turns to Toba, "Well, I just got interested with this droid. I have never seen a SE4 Servant Droid with a old Super Battle Droid's arm. Does that arm actually have a blaster hidden somewhere?"

With an utterly bedazzled, confused, incredulous, surprised, shocked, and outraged expression, Toba shouts, "WHAT? What the blazes are you talking about?"

Zulix chitters excitedly, "As I recall they used to have that. I mean the Super Battle Droids."

"Excuse me," Kabakh whines, "But I can assure you I am a stock SE4 Servant Droid!" The droid then holds up both arms as if to prove he's right, totally oblivious to the fact that he was modified years before

Zulix turns to Kabakh, staring at him like he was completely blind, "Somethings wrong with this droids photoreceptor. Or! He had a memory wipe after he got modified. Could be one of those two." He then takes Kabakh's hand and tries to figure out how to uncover the hiden blaster As he closely inspects the hand he says, "Hope you dont mind I take a little look," not even taking his eyes away from the arm.

Toba waves his arms at Zulix, "Hey! Hands off the merchandise, bug! You're sure it's a battle droid's arm?"

Zulix draws his hands into himself as quickly as he can, "Sorry, I could'nt help myself. About the arm, I am pretty sure, though this one has been re-painted."

Kabakh pulls his hand away, "I most assuredly do mind. As you can plainly see, this is a stock SE4 hand and arm. But then I would expect a Separatist to see we droids as potential soldiers they could use against the galaxy."

"And I am pretty sure that there is blaster hidden somewhere on the wrist or the hand" Zulix warily reaches out for Kabakh's hand again.

Kabakh pulls back, seemingly enraged, "Reach for my hand again, you seperatist, and I shall use plexiglass cleaning agents on your eyes. Violence is not normally a part of my nature, but I take particular annoyance at anyone not allowed by my master to fiddle with my parts." The droid then brandishes it's cleaning rag as if it were a deadly weapon.

"Separatist?!" Zulix chitters, confused at the prospect, "What are you talking about?! Me?!"

"Don't try to hide it, we droids know the truth despite what the Empire may claim." Kabakh points accusingly at the Verpine, "You Seperatist weren't beaten, you merely went into hiding and are looking for new droids to do your fighting for you."

Zulix releases a strange noise reminicent of laughter, "You actually think that I am a Separatist?! Come on. I was just curious about you having a Super Battle Droids arm! Thats all."

Toba shakes his head at the two, "Ok, you two are crazy, that's plain to see. Listen here, Kabakh, the bug's not a separatist, they're done, finished, expired. Zulix, the droid is not a battle unit, it's just an annoying, stuck-up glorified talking-toaster. I'll be over there by the galley with my faithful blaster by my side if you two can't quit your delusions."

Kabakh continues, "That's what the Empire wants you to think Toba. But we droids know much better that they are still around."

Toba rolls his eye stalks, "Well, if he IS a separatist, then good luck to him. I guess that would put us both on the same side, wouldn't it? I mean, we would be both fighting the Empire. We would all probably be much better off if the Separatists had won this war. My planet had been hostage to them for a long time before I was even made aware to that fact, they really didn't bother us much. Now the 'Republic liberation force' on the other hand...."

"Thats exactly what the Separatist wanted to happen to your world Toba. Let the Republic do their dirty work on most worlds so they could look a little more innocent and thus be welcomed back as saviors from the folks how destroyed the world while trying to act as saviors." Kabakh preaches fervently, "Then they would have begun helping you to clean up the debris, only the would sift through it for resources they could use. And they wouldn't stop at sifting through debris. Oh no, they'd then start strip mining while telling you the Republic damage went even deeper than you could see. And then they would start erecting factories to churn out their war droids.

"That's what happened on Honghr you know. I met a protocol unit who just barely escaped from there and one other world and he told me all about it. Yes, we droids know all too well what kind of a threat the sepratist truely are. Every droid knows some droid who saw first hand what the seperatists did. Not that the republic was much better, but at least it was clear what kind of destruction they did and they didn't let the seperatist do their destruction for them."

Toba stares at Kabakh in stunned silence for a few seconds. Then he turns to Zulix and says in an ironic tone, "And that, kids, is why you should never discuss politics with your home appliances." He turns and walks away to the galley, saying, "This discussion is pointless. I know I say that about many things, but this time it is oh so true...."

The Atraken Memory cuts through a thick cloud of noxious fumes. Through the fog like putrescence, Qassar and Cyn can see the destruction wrought by the war on this planet. Buildings that must have once been very impressive edifices now stand in ruinous disarray.

Captain Alvus settles the Memory down into an area that looks like it was once a starport. He turns to Qassar, "Well, welcome to the planet Atraken!"

"Thank you. The tourist board still operating?" Qassar chuckles softly, "Sorry bad joke. Well the sooner we get this drive the better for all of us. Where's the vac suits?"

"Decided on one of ours huh? No problem, follow me!" Genos slips out of the pilot's seat and heads back towards the airlock. He stops at a row of lockers next to the hatch and pulls out a bulky looking vac suit. He hands it to Qassar, then fishes back into the locker and produces another for Cyn. He helps the two into their suits and checks the seals. Once satisfied, he then dons his own suit, seals it, and then reaches back into his locker and pulls out a light repeating blaster.

Cyn dons the vac suit and makes sure his weapons are easy enough to get to. He then looks at Captain Alvus, "Impressive piece of hardware, you must have some really big rats here"

"Bugs really," he smirks. He checks the power packs for charge, slaps one into the repeater and slings a bandolier containing the rest over his shoulder. He steps into the airlock and allows the others to squeeze in, then seals the lock and cycles the transfer. The outer hatch opens and the trio step out into the hazy atmosphere. Everything looks like it has been here for at least a decade or more, judging from the deterioration.

Cyn pauses for a second holding his breath, then proceeds to take in a large breath and exhales to see if the seals are good on his suit. He then takes a moment to look around the area from the airlock, looking for any wrekage or derelicts ships in the vicinity but the area looks like it has been picked clean.

Qassar slowly looks around at the surroundings, "Does anything survive here? You're packing some serious hardware."

"Well, the last few runs here, we encountered some really big insects, they must be something that has adapted to the toxins. They burrow up through debris so watch your step. Likewise, we've also been seeing a few flying bugs buzzing around in this mess. So far they haven't attacked a party member, but I ain't taking any chances!" Alvus grins as he adjusts his suit.

Qassar pulls his blaster out, checks the power level and flips it back to lethal, doing the same with the back up, "So really big Mynocs, eh?"

Cyn unholsters and readies his Blastech E11 blaster rifle, "Do you know if stun settings work on the bugs?" He then sticks the DC15 pistol into his belt setting it to stun and makes sure the saftey is on.

Genos smiles through his mask, "Never tried it! Well if we see any, I guess we'll try and find out but these things ain't got nothin' on mynocks!"

Toba sits at the galley and opens a can of snacks. He just stays there staring at a spot in the ground. Rolling it over in his mind, Toba goes over Kabakh's configuration. He's never had to service him, so he can't be certain whether he's noticed a secret compartment or not.

Kabakh takes his attention from Zulix and stares back at Toba, "Perhaps you should return to the post the Master instructed you take before he went planet side, Toba."

Toba goes for the outraged look, but can't muster the passion neccessary to fully accomplish it. So he just resigns himself to looking annoyed and drags himself quietly up to the cockpit, mumbling something incoherent about a mythical "droid hell".

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