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Rebel Uprisings
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Once at the Dream, Qassar pulls Kabakh, Toba and Org aside, "Cyn and I are going planet side to get a new hyperdrive. I want you three to monitor us and if we get into trouble, bring the Dream down and pick us up. Kabakh, I want no-one that isn't a member of this crew aboard the ship. Toba, your in charge of flight controls, Org gunnery." Qassar grabs his macro's, spare blasters and an extra medpack, and then heads over to the Memory.

Kabakh stands in the entryway to the Dream acting like he is cleaning it. Whenever a decon droid looks at him and approaches, he explains to it that because of the cargo onboard the ship being hazardous to droids not shield against it, any droid entering the ship will automatically be deactivated and suffer a sever memory wipe.

Toba seems to have gone very quiet after the rush from the hyperdrive situation passed. He looks very introspective and depressed. He sits at the pilot's chair and goes through a full check of all onboard systems.

Org fires up the quads and waits patiently.

As Kabakh nonchalantly polishes the doorframe, he casts a gaze around the bay. A large insectoid creature walks in and heads towards the Memory, just before she lifts off and heads into space. His antennae droop for a moment then twitch back to life as he notices the Dream and several droids working on it.

Captain Alvus adjusts the lateral thrusters then sits back in the pilots seat. He looks over to Qassar, "Nothing like your bird, but I love her just the same."

"I know what you mean. What's the out put like on her? How much pressure can she handle?" Qassar Sits in the co-pilots seat, and looks rather uncomfortable, "Feels different sitting on this side."

Cyn sits in the cockpit behind Captain Alvus and tries to look inconspicuous out the window while glancing back at Qassar in case Qassar tries to give him signals.

Kabakh keeps an eye on the insect creature as he opens a closed comm channel to Toba and Org and whispers into the channel, “Toba, Org, there is a large insectoid creature in the bay with us. It seems to be intrested in the Dream. Perhaps it is nothing, but we may be having company.” Having relayed the info to Toba and Org, Kabakh searches his records to try and identify the insect creature

Looking at the Memory through the windshield as it takes off, Toba says, "Ah, it was just a Verpine, freaky bug-techs... They think nobody understands machinery and electronics like they do... If he was checking out the Dream, he was probably imagining what kinds of weird modifications he would do to it."

Kabakh looks at Toba, “And what if that Captain Alvus gave him orders to remove the Dream's sublight engine? Or anything else vital?”

"...then we'll simply fill his dirty chitinous carcass full of blaster holes, won't we?" Toba ponders, "...or have you got some bug-spray?"

"She's a little slow for your taste, I'm sure. She only pulls about 60 MGLTs," Alvus smiles, "Yeah, I don't sit there much myself."

"As long as she performs to what you need, there's no use modifying her is there. How fast past lightspeed does she go?" Qassar nods his head toward the back of the ship, trying to catch Cyn's eye.

Alvus chuckles, "Ah, the Memory doesn't do that anymore, the hyperdrive's been out of service for almost three months now. No parts, no drive. Ah but that's ok. I'm not going anywhere anyhow."

"Dang! The bug's still out there eyeing the Dream! I though he had boarded the Memory. If he tries anything funny there will be hell to pay." Toba puts his blaster in his toolbelt as he glares at the Verpine.

The Verpine steps up the ramp and looks Kabakh up and down, clicking and rattling to himself. As it looks up and down the droid, Kabakh turns to Toba and says, "I shall keep a photorecptor on him from here." He then turns his eyes to the Verpine itself, "Sir, I am a perfectly fine example of an SE4 and do not require any modifications. Now please step off the ramp to my Master's ship before I am forced to call an associate for assistance."

Still speaking in Verpine, the bug-like creature continues to look at him and chitter, "Hmm, definitely in need of a memory wipe."

Approaching the entry ramp, Toba says grimly, "Did I catch something about a memory wipe?"

Meanwhile, Cyn looks over at Qassar, silently asking him what was up. Qassar rolls his eyes as Cyn looks at him and nods his head toward the back of the ship again.

Cyn gets up with a slight nod to and starts to head out of the cockpit, "Captain Alvus, I must excuse myself to use the fresher. Where is it located on your vessel?"

"Just follow the corridor til you hit stink," he laughs, "No, seriously, it's back in the lounge second door on the left."

"Thank you Captain Alvus. I shall return momentarily." Cyn leaves the cockpit and begins to look for inboard cameras and starts to look around in the lounge and engineering spaces.

As he looks around the ship, Cyn murmurs quietly to himself. "I've seen many freighters in my lifetime, and this one has to be one of the most patchworked, crosswired, and glued together ships I've ever seen. If there's any surveillance equipment on board this tub, it'd be to keep an eye on the deck-plates to make sure they didn't fall out of place." He then attempts to confirm the hyperdrive is either missing, in parts or nonfunctional only to find it butchered for spare parts. After he moves to check the cargo hold, and only finding a few empty containers marked 'Bantha Steaks', he finds nothing and calmly returns to the cockpit.

Kabakh gasps with horror at the Verpine's statement, "How dare you say such a thing when I am most assuredly not your property! Now get off the Master's ship this instant!"

"Actually," Toba chuckles to himself, "Maybe he's got a point...."

The bug peers past the droid and sees Toba, "Greetings! My name is Zulix! Is this your droid?"

Ignoring Zulix, Kabakh glares at Toba, "I shall inform Master Qassar you have absolutely no respect for his property."

Toba grins with an air of false innocence, "Hey, I was just looking after the well being of his property, Verpines are renowned as the best droid techs in the galaxy!"

"They are also the best starship mechanics in the galaxy as well, Toba." Kabakh glares angrily, "If you really are looking out for the well being of the Master's property, then perhaps we should let him fix the hyperdrive."

Zulix continues to stand and stare at Kabakh, with a very intense look on his face. He then says in a chittery basic, "Mr., I don't think you answered me. Is this your droid?" He then begins walking around Kabakh, intensely staring at it

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