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“Excuse me Captain Alvus, but what prevents the radiation from entering this dome?” Kabakh asks, “And why remain on this moon if you have a means of transport away from this system?

Alvus nods towards Cyn, "Indeed!" He then turns to Qassar, "Yes, we've been debating that, but for some reason, we can't get past debating. Yes, there is another way out, I'll have to show you the way."

Alvus then looks at the droid, "Well, the radiation is mainly in orbit around the planet, there're enough winds here to keep it from settling on the moon's surface. As to why we stay, well, it is our home, and so many of our loved ones have died here while we lucky few survived."

"Captain Qassar, perhaps this might be a good time to visit the local parts dealer to see if we can acquire the much needed parts," Cyn proposes.

Alvus chuckles, "Ha! Parts dealer? Pal, if you can find a parts dealer around here, I'll buy for ya! You see that freighter over there? That's what keeps the Memory up and running!"

"I understand Captain. If you like we can plant the buoys on our way out. About decontaminating my ship? You can get started with Cassa's and Bynyn's help," Qassar indicates Toba and Cyn.

Cyn nods and looks at Toba, "Come on Cassa, let get the ship cleaned off."

Kabakh ponders and asks, “The starship debris we saw as we entered the radiation cloud, Captain Alvus, where did those ships come from? Perhaps one of them may contain parts that could be used to make repairs to my Master's ship?”

"Those too are remnants of the war,” Alvus says, “I don't think you'll find too much of use up there. However, I did see a few hyper capable drop ships planetside on our last salvage run."

“Droid ships?” Kabakh asks.

Alvus nods, "And some republic ships too. But enough about parts, lets go down to the cantina and relax."

As quietly to Qassar as possible so as not to be overheard by Alvus, Kabakh whispers, ”Master I have heard rumors that some of the droids the Separatists used are still active and are still fighting the Clone Wars despite what the Empire may say. Some droids I have meet have even said that they may still be taking orders from unaccounted for Separatist masters. I wonder if Captain Alvus is not a Separatist.”

Qassar nods to Alvus, "Come on Captain you can tell me more over a cup of Caff." He then turns back and whispers to Kabakh, "Keep you receptors peeled. If you see anything that could be a sep droid, let me know."

While setting up and beginning the clean up of the dream, Cyn keeps an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. He also looks around to see if there is a computer terminal in the docking bay, seeing several terminals scattered throughout the bay, although only a few appear to be working. Moving to them, he sits down and begins to check on what’s going on locally on the moon and see if there is anything on the planet also. He also begins to look up info on Captain Alvus..

The file system is a bit jumbled, but he does find info on Captain Alvus. He was a pilot for the Atrakenite Guild of Miners. Now it looks as if he's simply working for the survivors of the planet and the moon. The moon, Trilos, was the main mining center of the system. It seems that this is why the wars came here. The Trade Federation must have been using it as a stronghold.

"So cap, how long will the decontamination take?" Qassar asks.

"Oh, probably just a couple of hours,” Alvus answers, “We've got a couple of droids that handle the decon on the Memory. Once they're through with her they'll start in on your ship."

"Where is the head? With all the excitement I forgot I needed to go?" Once pointed out, Qassar heads over, making sure that no-one is in there and contacts the crew, "We need a hyperdrive. Apparently there's a possibility of one being planet side. Suggestions?"

Cyn looks around to see if anyone is close enough to hear and tries to talk low enough to not be overheard,
"Do we need the whole Hyperdrive or just the power couplers that connect it to the power plant?"

Kabakh mutters, “Such a filthy place. Worms crawling all over the place. Does this Alvus not realize he is jeopardizing my Master's health in this place. Disgusting.” He then replies to Qassar, just loud enough for him to hear, “Perhaps I should return to the ship. It would give me a chance to speak with these decontamination droids. Or even determine if they are what Captain Alvus proclaims them to be.”

"The back up is too slow.” Qassar replies, “Well run out of food before we get anywhere. Go ahead Kabakh."

"Very well then, we need it,” Cyn nods, “Lets see how we can get it. If this Captain Alvus wants to take you out to go look at salvage to see if we can find one, then I will go also.”

Kabakh arrives at the Dream and begins looking around to determine if the decon droids are exactly what Alvus said they were. He zooms in on the vacuum looking droids scouring the Memory, acknowledging that Alvus was telling the truth.

"Right. You and me then Cyn." Qassar says, coming back from the head, "Captain, I just got a message that our hyperdrive was damaged and that we need a new one. You mentioned that there were some hyper capable wrecks planet side. Would it be possible for us to go down and pick one up?"

Alvus nods, "Sure! But we're going to have to find a vac suit big enough to fit ya! Those fumes down there'll eat your eyes right out of their sockets without one!" Behind them, Cyn enters the Cantina.

"I have a vac suit on my ship,” Qassar ponders, “My companion may need one though."

Cyn stands behind Qassar, "Captain I am ready to assist in getting the needed parts. When can we depart?"

Alvus thinks for a second, "Yeah, well, you may not want to use your own, the fumes down there will destroy a suit very quickly. We have some suits here that can be resized for anyone, and they're built just for the atmosphere."

"Once we get kitted up." Qassar nods to Cyn and then looks to Alvus, "Very well. I just need to get something from my ship." He then heads off to the Dream to get his gear.

"Well the Captain Alvus, I guess you can lead on then?” Cyn turns to Qassar, “Right Captain?"

"Suit yer’self!" Alvus smiles.

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